Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars Episode 9: Goyim are Brainwashed Into Hating What Jews Fear

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2019

You can hear Hitler laughing towards the end of the video.

There’s a new Disney Star Wars movie coming out later this year. I recently heard people discuss these films and their expectations of them, proudly stating that they’re totally good goys that are totally against the movies’ bad guys.

Siding with the heroes hardly raises an eyebrow nowadays, but who are the heroes? Who presents them as heroes?

When Jews talk about the horrors that they suffered when they were allegedly masturbated to death in the Holocaust, they are not just lying — they are also revealing one of their fears.

They make the goyim despise the things they fear.

This is a form of magic. By doing that, they create and program golems that will serve them.

When you watch movies like Star Wars, keep the above in mind and ask yourself “who’s really the bad guy?

The Independent reports that the Emperor is returning in Star Wars 9: Rise of Skywalker. While one could chalk that up to lack of creativity and a need to recycle the past, it’s hard not to notice the similarities between the Palpatine character and Hitler.

Palpatine or The Emperor represents one of Jews’ greatest fears: a white man going full functional autism and Jewing them at their own game. That is what Palpatine did — he learned the secrets of The Force, he became pretty fucking strong and worked his way up the Jewish power system while pretending to be a champion of diversity and democracy until HE BECAME THE SENATE.

By the time Jews realized it and sent their diversity squad of “Jedi Masters” to stop him, the power of the white man was overwhelming.

Diversity quotas are no match for SITH MERITOCRACY.

Replace “the Sith” with “white men” in your mind while watching this.

The above video also reveals Anakin as the Gen Z white kid who feels something is wrong with the world and its structures of power but can’t quite put into words exactly what.

Palpatine is the fascist threat, persuading by stating truth and demonized by the agents of diversity (Jedi masters of all colors).

Anakin rejects diversity and becomes Palpatine’s disciple, effectively reinstating WHITE SUPREMACY in the galaxy.

What did the Jews do to “remedy” that situation? They brainwashed Luke, the kid of Palpatine’s disciple (control the future generation) to use his emotional link resulting from the fact that they’re family against the evil white goy that took power and control away from the hands of the Jews.

Nazi Darth Vader couldn’t get himself to kill his stubborn leftist son (who has incestuous tendencies).

Aren’t Jews taking control of white children through the education system and media?

This is what Jews do.

They use mainstream movies to program the minds of goyim into agreeing and championing their worldview and into hating their enemies.

The Empire were the good guys all along.

Nazis were the good guys all along.

Palpatine was the hero all along.

Hitler was the hero all along.

This “make the goyim hate what Jews fear” thing is not just a movie phenomenon.

Looking at what’s happening with the China “trade war” and Hong Kong revolution situation, it’s clear, too, that the Jew, after investing so much in controlling whites, fears having the Chinese become the most powerful group in the world. Just like a woman fearing that she’s “giving herself” to a man that’s not the best option she has after she abused him to the point of hindering his progress.

The Jew is a female (YIN) energy creature, and as such, manifest female behaviors.

They project, they scheme, they manipulate.

One blatant example of their projection instinct is the concept of anti-Semitism.

Anti-Semitism, as described by Jews, is what Jews feel and do towards the goyim, not what the goyim feel and do towards the jew.

When the Jews present a story, put on your Nazi goggles and ask yourself if the truth isn’t the opposite.

Reverse the roles.

Who is the hero?

Who is the villain?

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