End of an Era! Playboy Completely Overrun by Woke Millennials!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2019

There is nothing I hate more in this world than a Millennial: they are ruining everything that the Boomers haven’t already ruined. Not that Playboy is something that anyone should be particularly emotionally attached to. The plight of the magazine, however, is emblematic of the times. The New York Times explores the new direction Playboy is headed: underwater with gay HIV activists doing synchronized dry wet humping.

New York Times:

In his office, Shane Singh, Playboy’s executive editor, explained that the underwater photo shoot, to be photographed that weekend, was for the magazine’s cover — but not in the way that older, leering readers might expect.

“The water is meant to represent gender and sexual fluidity,” Mr. Singh said, seated beneath a 1988 Herb Ritts portrait of Cindy Crawford. The women who would pose in that water — their limbs wrapped around one another in a balletlike pose — were not simply models but activists.

One uses performance art and digital media to share stories about the H.I.V. epidemic. Another is an underwater dancer who promotes ocean conservation. The third, a Belgian artist, recently filmed herself walking naked through a Hasidic neighborhood of Brooklyn during a sacred holiday. (An angry mob chased her out.) 

Hasidics are always on patrol, and always ready to form an angry mob 

The failing New York Times has, ironically, shed light on its own situation with this report. The legacy media is going through a crisis that is related to the Boomers, finally, sinking into dementia and getting chased out of companies by ambitious young Millennials that need to force an early retirement to get that promotion.

With Boomers being forced to surrender the reins of middle management, we are witnessing a country-wide shift towards complete and total corporate wokeness on a scale never before seen in society.

“When they called me for this shoot, I thought there must be some kind of mistake,” said Ed Freeman, the fine art photographer who created the cover image. “I hadn’t paid attention to Playboy for many years, since I was a kid. And I thought: ‘Wait, they’re hiring me to shoot the cover? Do they know I’m gay?’”

This is a newer, woke-er, more inclusive Playboy — if you believe what company executives tell you, and if you are inclined to give an aging brand yet another chance at reinvention.

People forget how quickly we went from a black president to gay marriage and now state-enforced subsidized chemical castration of young boys. Everything that they’ve been incubating in those horrid universities has finally broken out and started taking over the real world, aka the Boomer world.

What’s worse is that these worrying trends are still preferable to having Boomers in charge.

Making Playboy into a gay HIV gender-fluid magazine makes infinitely more sense as a business model than doing glamour shots of silicon bimbos airbrushed to hell and back when we now have the internet and literally hundreds of thousands of girls getting naked on it for absolutely free.

Vice sells, but clueless Hugh Hefner still couldn’t make a profit off it.

Say what you will about Millennials, but at least they’re destroying everything – and that means destroying things that need to be destroyed. I’m no prude, but pornography really should be banned in any half-way decent society. Hef was just a drug-dealer of cummies for the younger generation of Boomers. He was part of the Silent Gen cohort that quietly enabled and helped enable the complete destruction of America in his own way.

It’s only fitting that his legacy should become warped and gay as penance.