End of Endless Wars will Indeed by Glorious!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 8, 2019

Isn’t the word “glorious” some kind of anti-Semitic dog whistle, Jews?

Remember when you said this was an Alt-Right neo-Nazi codeword, Jews?


Jews, do you remember when you said that “glorious” is an Alt-Right codeword?

Hey – Jews.

I think that you should condemn Trump as an anti-Semite for using the word “glorious,” Jews.

Especially since ending endless war is a direct attack on the Jewish people.

We need the New York Times, Wolf Blitzer, everyone – they have to condemn Trump’s attack on the Jews, using the word “glorious” to describe ending these important endless Jewish wars to protect the Jewish people.

Srsly tho

Trump needs to be careful.

John Bolton threatened Assad with a fake gas attack that he would then use as an excuse to restart the war. He made the threat while on the way to Israel.

He should have been immediately fired for that.

This is just like when he attempted to stop the Korean peace process by randomly threatening Kim.

He failed there, but this is a lot more important to Jews, and I PERSONALLY BELIEVE that John Bolton is a satanist.