Entire Right-Wing Media Calling for Jeff Sessions to GTFO

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2018

I have no idea what is wrong with Jeff Sessions, and I don’t care. This bizarre situation has been going on for far too long. The entire Russian kookspiracy investigation ultimately goes back to him recusing himself because the now-disgraced kike groper Al Franken made him feel guilty.

Fraken didn’t feel guilty when he was groping all those sluts, but he was good at inspiring such feelings in witless goyim.

So this situation has just gone on and on and on, with Sessions doing absolutely nothing about anything.

Okay, he recused from Russia – but that means he can’t do anything at all?

Is this man not concerned about his legacy?

Whatever – not my problem. We just need him out.

And finally, all mainstream pundits are yet again echoing statements I made a year ago.

Daily Beast:

It’s clear Jeff Sessions is more concerned with his career than the good of America. That said, it’s high time President Trump fires his ineffective Attorney General,” Eric Bolling, a close Trump friend and a former Fox News personality, told The Daily Beast on Monday. “I would NOT, however, fire [special counsel Robert] Mueller. For no other reason than political optics.”

For her Labor Day weekend episode of Justice With Judge Jeanine, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro dedicated her opening monologue to personally and professionally trashing Trump’s attorney general as a witless “shill” and as a pathetic enabler of supposed “corruption by the Democrats.”

Her overarching message to Sessions was: Nobody likes you, nerd.

“What don’t you get? Have you no self-esteem, self-regard, self-respect? Where is your dignity? Why would you stay in a job where you’re not wanted?… And why do you continue to stay?” Pirro said in her lengthy “Opening Statement” on the program. “You’re so clueless you don’t even know you’re being used. You don’t even know you’re nothing but a shill. In fact, the only constituency that wants you is the ‘Deep State’… Are you proud of yourself?”

“Are you kidding? All of America knows the DOJ continues to be to be influenced by politics,” she added. “You need to do one of two things: Resign immediately, because you are not wanted. Or put on your big boy pants and be a real attorney general.”

Judge Jeanine should probably be hired to replace Sessions.

They keep complaining about how Trump is surrounded by too many White Men – well, I as a neon-nazi am voting for this female Lebanese to replace Slow Jeff.

I kid thee not.

She is hardcore.

Fox Business star Lou Dobbs—whom Trump values and trusts so much that he has put Dobbs on speakerphone during multiple Oval Office meetings with senior officials —tweeted out “#SessionsMustGo” late last week, attaching a clip of him and Pirro going after Sessions.

“You have to appreciate the president’s sense of humor. He tweeted out that Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s job is safe—that he will not fire him before the midterm elections,” Dobb said, noting that that is not many days of guaranteed job security.

On Saturday morning, Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett appeared on Fox & Friends, which has become hugely influential in the Trump era because it’s one of the president’s must-see shows, and said, “I think after the election, Jeff Sessions will be fired. And I would suggest somebody like John Ratcliffe [R-Texas] to replace him.”

Jarrett, author of the Trump-exonerating book The Russia Hoax, is yet another trusted television favorite of the sitting president. Trump will often approvingly and enthusiastically quote Jarrett on his frenetic Twitter feed, including in a flurry of tweets posted Labor Day weekend.

Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney and the former mayor of New York City, told The Daily Beast that Jarrett was “just guessing” regarding if or when Sessions would be sacked. Giuliani didn’t elaborate or weigh in further, except to say that The Russia Hoax is a “great book.”

lol @ all these people giving statements to the Daily Beast. They are all refusing to talk to WaPo and NYT now – the Daily Beast is considered a more respectable publication.

Trump tweeted yesterday about Slow Jeff.

I think he is correct in his assumption that after Sessions is fired, he will become a liberal darling. A proud American hero, like John McCain, who stood-up to the big bully.