Entire World Gathers in Support of Ben Shapiro Using Pregnant Wife and Small Child as Human Shields

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 22, 2019

I thought human shields were bad?

But I guess like everything Jews do, it’s only bad when non-Jews do it.

Over the weekend, the Turning Point USA “Student Action Summit” and Nick Fuentes’ “Groyper Leadership Summit” took place in the same area of Miami.

Nick Fuentes is being accused of “accosting” the rat Jew Ben Shapiro while he was walking with his family. In actual fact, no “accosting” took place. While Shapiro was walking to his luxury hotel, with his wife and children, Nick Fuentes simply approached him to ask him about the 45-minute speech that Shapiro gave about him at an event at Stanford University.

From analyzing the footage, we see that Shapiro, when he saw Nick was coming, picked up his child out of his stroller so he was carrying it, and positioned his pregnant wife between him and Nick. This is literally a “human shield” stratagem.

The child was in the stroller before he saw Nick.

He picked it up to shield his body, then maneuvered his wife in-between him and Nick when he crossed the street.

He set it up so he could try to make it look like “evil Holocaust denier harasses innocent Jew strolling innocently with his wife and children.”

Watch the video again.

Firstly, there was no threat. There was nothing menacing about this. Nothing that would scare a wife or child.

Nick did not get aggressive, he did not block their path, he did not use profanity or harsh language.

Secondly: what would you do in this situation, assuming you are not an utter coward?

Shapiro not only had his wife with him, but another man.

What I would have done when I saw another man wanting to speak with me is hand the stroller to my wife and tell her to go on ahead to the hotel. Of course, in actuality, I wouldn’t be pushing a stroller. Nor would I bring my wife to a business conference. But assuming I had made both of those disgusting decisions, I would have simply said: “Honey, go on ahead, I’m gonna talk to this guy who is asking me a question, I’ll meet you in a minute.”

Instead, he framed the whole thing to make it look as though he is being persecuted.

And look at these people going along with that hoax.

Meghan McCain

Megyn [sic] Kelly

Ian Mile Cheong

Nimrata Randhawa

Michael Avenatti

Millie Weaver

Sebastian Gorka

Andy Ngo

Vaush (Bizarre homosexual leftist Twitch streamer, who for reasons – whatever reasons – supports Ben Shapiro)

The only person with a real hot take was Tariq Nasheed.

While this was all going down on Saturday, Nick Fuentes was trending number one on Twitter.