Entire World in Shock at Revelation Charlie Rose was Bagging Top-Shelf Skanks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 3, 2018

Didn’t we already do this whole story?

I seem to remember doing this one before.

I guess this is more women, but it’s like, what difference does it make if it’s 30 or 90 or 10,000?


I would point out that the same culture making those moral assertions is the one that pushes for “gay adoption” and injecting children with hormones to “change their sex.” But I won’t bother to point that out. It’s too obvious to even mention.

Fox News:

Twenty-seven additional women have accused Charlie Rose of sexual misconduct, in a report that claims managers at CBS and PBS were told about his alleged inappropriate behavior through the years.

In a new expose published Wednesday by the Washington Post, 14 women who worked with Rose at CBS and 13 who worked with him at other companies claimed the disgraced TV star sexually harassed them.

CBS News denies that any human resources complaints were ever filed against Rose.

The Washington Post reports a woman named Annmarie Parr reported an inappropriate interaction with Rose to management way back in 1986.

Then 22, Parr said she was cornered by Rose and he asked her, “’Annmarie, do you like sex? Do you enjoy it? How often do you like to have sex?’”

The creepy questions prompted her to speak out to a senior producer, she said, who told her she would no longer have to be alone with Rose.

Decades later in 2011, Rose allegedly forcibly kissed an employee at a party. The woman told the Post she went to “CBS This Morning” executive producer Chris Licht about the incident but requested he not speak to human resources about it. Licht said he spoke to Rose about the alleged kiss and abided by the employee’s request not to go to HR.

Blah blah blah who gives a fuck.

This asshole didn’t even do anything weird.

And he’s not gross or disgusting like Harvey Weinstein. It’s not really offensive to think about Charlie Rose having sex with attractive women – or flirting with them, being turned down, and moving on with his life, which is what most of these accusations actually are about.

I mean, you picture Harvey Weinstein sweating on top of Emma Watson and it actually is painful, possibly permanently damaging to your eternal human soul. Just the image of it in your mind – it tears something deep in you.

But Charlie Rose banging some foxy intern after a classy dinner at a trendy Manhattan bistro?

Who gives a shit?

Let Me Explain Something to You

Charlie Rose was an exceptionally intelligent goy who spent his life serving Jews.

He might not have known that was what he was doing when he started, but I promise you, he figured it out by the 1970s.

So, he was willing to spend his life lying for money, while pretending to be something honorable. Doing that is hard for a man – especially for an intelligent man, it weighs on his soul, because he has an internal drive to accomplish something meaningful. So if he is willing to do it, he must be getting something out of it.

In most cases, that is going to be pussy.

Because the money, you know. You can get that wherever if you’ve got the IQ.

And if the Jews take the pussy off the table in their “serve our race” deal – and they’re going to throw the guys who served them under the bus like this – then I don’t really even see what exactly their plan is moving forward.

I guess they think they’re just going to get low IQ brown people and irate, spiteful women to do these jobs. I guess that’s the plan.

I don’t have a problem with that plan, Jews.

In fact, I endorse it.

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