EPA Director Can’t Take the Heat, Climbs Out of Oven

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 6, 2018

This guy couldn’t take the pressure.

Dude broke.

He was getting harassed at restaurants as part of the Queen Maxine mob-harassment agenda.

But you know.

He had a lot of problems.

He was doing some dodgy shit, unrelated to environmental regulations.

Along with helping his wife find a job, he applied to buy a used mattress from a Trump hotel, as if this was a job perk.

Anyway, probably all sorts of other stuff. A little bit hard to tell what is bullshit and what isn’t, you know. But there were ethics issues.

The stuff that has been done to hurt America under the guise of environmentalism has to be reversed, but you need a stable guy to do it. Not someone trying to buy used mattresses who can’t take a showdown with some bitch at a restaurant without getting all feelsy.