EPIC TROLL: Zulu Witchdoctor Niggers Tell HIV+ Niggers to Rape Family Niglets

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
July 26, 2018

After looking a little closer into nigger nature, we know these evil critters enjoy raping. Did you know they also enjoy infecting others with nigger disease?


David, an inhabitant of a suburb north of Johannesburg, known as Diepsloot, admits having transmitted HIV deliberately because he does not want to “die alone”. The southafrican was interviewed by reporter Golden Mtika for a BBC Africa Eye documentary titled ‘My Neighbour The Rapist’.

As the film shows, David acknowledged being a rapist and admitted that the number of his victims fluctuates between 21 and 24 women. “I didn’t use any protection”, he stated. “I know I’m HIV positive, so I want to spread that HIV. I feel good, because I can’t die alone,” he said.

David also admitted “feeling good” for having infected his ex-girlfriend and said he sexually abused her when she was a 14 or 15 years old teenager.

It’s not in their nature to care about the well-being of others. Their biologic imperative turned religion, The Gibs, is founded on the idea that they should receive stuff Right Now, For Free, or for little to no investment on their part at all. No matter who they hurt for it.

Niggers praying to The Gibs.

They perform human sacrifices hoping to get some supernatural ability or power from it. Killing is easy. They don’t have to think, plan, practice, investigate, brainstorm, work, delay gratification, endure, nor activate their brains at all. They’re simple creatures that can be swayed one way or the other with relative ease if the promise of The Gibs is big enough.

Believe this: there’s nothing a nigger won’t do for a good Gibs.

“I would have raped my own child.” (34:30)

From the above video (33:10):

“So you are saying you raped a girl?”
“It was a family member of mine.”
“How old was the child when this happened?”
“5 years.”
“She was 5 years?”
“The child had been left under my care in the house. When they had left us both alone, I decided to rape her. Then the neighbours heard us. Then the neighbours came into the house. They were angry and wanted to beat me. My aunt came and asked them not to beat me.”
“Why exactly did you do that?”
“A Sangoma told me when I do it, I will be better.”
“He told you when you do it you will be better?”
“What problem do you have?”
“Oh, you’re HIV positive?”
“So the Sangoma told you that if you rape a small child you will get healed.”
“From HIV?”
“Since you are HIV positive, what do you think about the child that you have raped?”
“I don’t know if she is OK or if she has HIV.”
“If you had a young child, a girl, a daughter of your own, would you have raped her or not?”
“I would have raped my own child.”

They’ll even eat their own niglets.

Daily Mail:

‘He grabbed the baby girl from her, jumped over a fence and ran into bushes where he carried out this terrible thing,’ said Mr Kenny.

‘He held the baby close to him, bit deep into her neck, ate the flesh, sucked the blood,’ he told the newspaper.

This is one of the reasons why Jews are so obssessed with embrowning the West. Controlling mudmanoids is easy. With a big enough gibs to use as a carrot, the stick is not needed. You don’t need complex social-engineering strategies across centuries of gradual changes, you just need to hit that sweet gibs spot.

It’s all about those sweet, sweet Gibs.

In Wakanda, Gibs can be obtained by two main mechanisms: either gaining something, or preventing others from gaining it.

When they prevent others from gaining something, that which is prevented from gain is thus removed from the equation and they don’t have to put effort in because in their minds, if others don’t have it, then it doesn’t exist.

Niggers are incapable of creation.

When they lose, they want others to also lose so the playing field is brought down to their level with the hope they’d participate in a new status quo where they can have the illusion of competing in equal terms.

In this case, the nigger wants to make other people die too.

They survive eating dirt but somehow manage to clone niglets at an unsettling rate.

Niggers that lose want others to lose, and they’re pretty good at losing.

Decay is embedded in their blood.

Do you see why having them around in the civilized world is a bad idea?

They’re active agents of destruction. They level down. They’re a big bucket, except instead of crabs, there are infinity niglets inside scratching you and pulling you down in anger with their skelly nigger arms shouting “GIBS ME DAT!” as saliva drips from their swollen mouths at the sight of your clean white skin.

Nigger bucket in action.


Crab mentality or crabs in a bucket (also barrel, basket or pot), is a way of thinking best described by the phrase “if I can’t have it, neither can you”. The metaphor refers to a bucket of live crabs, some of which could easily escape, but other crabs pull them back down to prevent any from getting out, ensuring the group’s collective demise.

Why waste time dealing with these destructionists? There’s nothing to gain from it and they’re eager to take everyone else down with them.

We should be focusing on rising above our own limitations.

Let them deal with theirs.