EU Newspeak: Word “Man” to be Phased Out of Official Documents

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 31, 2018

Very “Eyes Wide Shut” no?

I am tempted to blame the Jews as is my default.

But wait, what’s this?

I detect the distinct whiff of day-old urine, rotten eggs and an untreated yeast infection…

Yep, no doubt about it, this new EU proposal has “CAT LADY” written all over it.


The EU Parliament has issued politically correct guidance against using words like “mankind” and “man-made” in order to infuse its everyday language with social justice.

The EU assembly — which is not a true parliament insofar as it cannot propose or repeal laws but only amend and/or reject some of the legislation initiated by the unelected European Commission — has circulated a guidebook to bureaucrats and politicians urging them to update their language for a more politically correct age, the Telegraph reports.

“Gender-neutral or gender-inclusive language is more than a matter of political correctness,” it states, adding: “Language powerfully reflects and influences attitudes, behaviour and perceptions” — a view seemingly underpinned by the same philosophical outlook as the fictional Newspeak Dictionary in George Orwell’s seminal book Nineteen Eighty-Four. 

Woah, wait a second. Now I’m smelling matzo balls and burning Palestinian flesh…

To be fair, I can’t be sure if it’s coming from Breitbart or from the EU Parliament statement… (But let’s say it is the EU Parliament to keep the article going.)

This whole idea that words can affect reality is a very Talmudic idea. And it’s written right there in black and white in the EU document.

See, Christians, in general, try to decode and understand the reality of the world and then go from there. Jews, on the other hand, try to just will the world to fit their conception of it. They think that with enough foreskins, goyish baby blood and repetition of key words and ideas through powerful speakerphones like the media, that they can shape reality.

I guess you could call this black magic.

I know I do when I speak to either simpler-minded folks (or conversely, hyper-intelligent people.)

See, I could try and explain to them that this is part of Cultural Marxist inverted values pyramid. I could them about the long march through the institutions and tell them about how the media has been taken over by powerful Jewish oligarchs who then also took over the Christian Right through evangelicism and then the Neocon infiltration.

But I can see their eyes glazing over as I type this. 

Better to tell them that literal demons from Hell have taken control of the West and are trying to open the gates to hell itself with their black magic. Just make sure to give the Devil some Jewish characteristics and let ’em figure out the rest themselves.

Gendered words like “businessman” and “businesswoman” are to be dropped in favour of the more unwieldy “businessperson”, while “chairmen” are to become simply “chairs” — apparently due to concerns that “chairperson” has in practice tended to be applied only to women but not men.

“Statesmen” should also be substituted for the longer and generally clumsier “political leaders”, while “man-made” should be substituted for the colder and more clinical “artificial” or “synthetic”.

Seems to me that they’re trying to will men out of existence. And then we’re surprised by the tranny epidemic?  It seems to logically follow if you ask me.

“The use in many languages of the word ‘man’ in a wide range of idiomatic expressions which refer to both men and women, such as manpower, layman, man-made, statesmen, committee of wise men, should be discouraged,” the guidebook scolds.

“With increased awareness, such expressions can usually be made gender-neutral,” it hectors — suggesting “humanity” should replace the much-loved and well-used “mankind”, while the evocative “manpower” should become simply “staff”.

So this move is either being pushed by cat ladies out of spite, brainwashed Cultural Marxist students joining the parliament or Jews trying to will more trannies into existence because they believe that one of these abominations might give birth to Satan, their saviour one day very soon.

Believe what you will.

Me personally, I think it’s a mix of all three.