Europe has No Explanation for Why They Let All These Terrorists in or How They’re Going to Handle Them

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 12, 2017

Okay so the terrorism thing everyone knows about. Everyone is aware that this is happening, they are aware that the Merkel system doesn’t care that it’s happening as its only concern is replacing white people.

The bigger question – rather than “why do these people not care about terrorism?” – is: “why are they trying to replace white people in their own countries to begin with?”


The EU is burying its head in the sand while dealing with the refugee influx that can hide terrorists, a former intelligence officer told RT. The assertion comes as the German Interior Ministry has confirmed it knew about the thousands of blank passports stolen in Syria.

“Allowing such a large influx of refugees into Europe was ill-thought,” Chris Hunter, a former UK army intelligence officer, told RT.

Hunter recalled the “sheer number” of terrorist incidents which Europe witnessed over the last three years that were linked to IS (Islamic State, also known as ISIS/ISIL).

“[This] shows us that even with a small number of terrorists potentially on the radar the [European] governments have no ability to cope [with them] and are incapable of doing so,” he concluded.

Any European country is going to deal “with a large number of potential terrorists moving into EU countries,” Hunter said, referring to “slack border controls” in EU countries.

“They don’t understand the sheer magnitude of this problem. They are burying their heads in the sand. A lot needs to be done. And if it isn’t done, we will see significant terrorist incidents,” Hunter stated.


The “sheer magnitude” is going to be not isolated peace truckers or machine-gun enrichers, but full-on race war.

That is where this is all headed.

Once a certain percentage of the population is Moslem – probably 25%, which is what Germany, Sweden and the UK are coming up on – they will attempt a hostile takeover.

Right now, the rule is that you don’t punish them for the majority of crimes. Police are told to stand down when they riot.

Will they just lay down when the race war hits?

I see no possibility of them doing anything else.

Earlier ‘Bild am Sonntag’ newspaper reported that German authorities believe that Islamic State terrorists have stolen over 11,000 blank Syrian passports. The paper cited confidential documents of the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), the Interior Ministry and the country’s Federal Police (BPOL).

Contacted by RT, the German Interior Ministry confirmed it had known about stolen Syrian ‘blank passports.’

“It has long been known that so-called “blank passports” were stolen from the Syrian regime. These “stolen” Syrian blank passport documents are listed in the INTERPOL database as “Lost documents”, so that the passports can be matched with passports presented on arrival,” the statement said.

This is a stupid/pointless/distraction story.

Both Turkey and ISIS are mass-producing fake Syrian passports, and the German government has already admitted they can’t tell the difference.

So why even bother mentioning 11,000 stolen ones?

On top of that, 80% of “migrants” have no documentation at all, and none of them are getting deported.

There is so much nonsense talk going on here. Nothing important is allowed to be discussed directly. So it all just runs in circles.

The bottom line is: the policy of Europe is designed to allow a foreign group of people to invade (“migrate”) onto the continent and conquer it. The establishment shifts from economic explanation to humanitarian explanations to the explanation that it is a punitive measure against Europeans for the crimes of their ancestors, but all of this is just to add layers of confusion to a situation that is otherwise self-explanatory:

An army has been marched into our homeland.