Europe Responding Angrily to Trump’s Pull-Out of the Iran Deal

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 13, 2018

All of these various geopolitical dynamics are getting so weird.

Europe, the place with the political system we hate the most, agrees with the Alt-Right about the stupid decision of the allegedly Alt-Right president.

Even while they are on-board with the continued war on Syria. And kinda, the Iran deal and the war on Syria are the same thing. Part of the same Jewish package.


German magazine Der Spiegel has released its new issue, with a cover featuring Donald Trump on a middle finger, flipping the bird. It comes just days after the US angered Europe by walking away from the Iran nuclear deal.

Reaction from EU officials is still pouring in since Trump announced his decision earlier this week, so it didn’t take long before the cover was retweeted by French Ambassador to the US Gerard Araud.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas also had a few words to say to Der Spiegel on Friday about Washington pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal, saying the US has shown “very little willingness to take the arguments of its allies seriously.” He went on to say that the decision has “already taken hold of transatlantic ties.”

Der Spiegel’s tone on the cover was matched inside the magazine, with an editorial titled “Time for Europe to Join the Resistance.” The article says that US President Donald Trump is “only proficient in destruction,” referencing his pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal and Paris climate agreement.

The self-explanatory cover came just one day after German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Europe can no longer count on the US, and must take matters into its own hands. That sentiment was echoed by French President Emmanuel Macron, who agreed that “something should be done.”

Macron, remember, helped Trump bomb Assad last month.

And now he’s… against a complimentary part of that very same Jew agenda.

The UK, who also bombed Syria, was also against ending the deal.

At least Germany can stand on the ground that they didn’t bomb Syria – though they didn’t do much to speak out against it. Also, they’ve stated that the reason their country exists is to protect Israel, so I am skeptical that they are committed to peace in the Middle East.

Maybe I’m just having a hard time grasping how anyone can view this as anything other than an “all or nothing” situation.

Europeans are probably remembering that their magical African friend Obama did this deal, and it was celebrated as a peace deal at the time… based on the goofy theory that Iran is capable of building a nuclear bomb and the equally goofy theory that it would be bad if they had a nuclear bomb.

Trump justified ending the deal by citing Iran’s continuing program to build bases in Syria… which is to say, the conditions now are very different than when Obama did the deal, when it appeared that ISIS was going to be victorious in Syria and Iran would just be all the way over there in central Asia hanging out alone and maybe slowly liberalizing and giving up on the “death to Israel” bit.

The deal was struck in July of 2015, two months before Russia entered the war with ISIS, which was apparently a total surprise to everyone in Western intelligence.

I don’t think Obama would have done the deal if it would have been known that – TRUMP of all people, the one who killed the deal – was going to cut funding for ISIS and allow the war in Syria to end.

Look – I’m not a Middle East expert. I’m not someone who you should look at as having any special insight here.

But as far as I’m able to tell, as soon as the ISIS barrier was removed, in Syria, there was no possibility other than a collision course between Israel and Iran, and all the ending of the nuclear deal did was agitate that impending situation.

Regarding Iran and Friends

We are too separated from our religious roots to understand what is going on with Iran, Hezbollah and the rest of the Shiite forces fighting Israel.

This is the deal here: they actually believe that a literal divine force is on their side, guiding them. They believe that their actions are ordained by God Himself. That means, they will fight to the last man and there will be no retreat baby and no surrender.

This is really the closest thing that a deracinated, godless Western man can look at to understand:

They made a promise.

To wipe the Jews off the face of the map.

This is to say – they are not playing by normal rules of “let’s make a deal.”

They are not playing chicken, and the only person who appears to legitimately understand that is Bibi.

Although he might not understand it on that level, and just be a Jew who insists on completely obliterating any potential threat to his race. That is actually more likely.

But all these people talking about deals and peace and so on are just playing a kiddie game.

If you’re not feeling The Boss analogy – how’s this do ya?

Iran isn’t backing down.

Israel isn’t backing down.

Putin isn’t backing down.

Europe has no idea what is even going on.

So there’s only one guy who can decide the course of history here.

And I’m fully fed-up with trying to predict what that guy is going to do.

Remember that if he wouldn’t have pulled funding for ISIS, none of this situation would even be happening, because the war would still be raging.

So is he going to just keep doing these weird, counterintuitive, conflicting actions?

I have no idea.