European Court Rules Children Are The Property of the State, Homeschooling is Absolutely Haram

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2019

The Wunderlich family.

Homeschooling is not necessary a good idea, but shouldn’t parents be able to decide what’s best for their kids?


The European Court of Human Rights on Thursday rejected the appeal of a German couple who have been fighting for years to home school their kids, saying the government was within its rights to temporarily remove their children.

If someone or something can override the decisions you take for your children, you’re not really a parent, you’re a glorified nanny.

Germany is telling parents that they’re just nannies, and that children actually belong to Mama Merkel.

Home schooling is illegal in Germany and the Strasbourg, France-based court noted it had already upheld that law in previous decisions.

But Dirk and Petra Wunderlich, who are in their early 50s, had argued their rights to privacy of home and family life were violated by Hesse state authorities when their four children were taken from them in 2013. They were returned three weeks later after the couple agreed to send them to school.

The parents were extorted.

Look. This isn’t really about homeschooling. This is about the government blatantly overriding parents. How long until the government takes away your kids because you didn’t feed them a strict vegan diet? You know the official dietary guidelines and the tendency to demonize animal products. The slippery slope is real. Once governments officially put out vegan dietary guidelines, how long until feeding your kids a little meat is enough to take them away from your home?

The same for any other thing, really.

How long until not letting tranny daemons have contact with your kids is a crime?

In a unanimous decision, however, the court found that there “were ‘relevant and sufficient’ reasons for the withdrawal of some parts of the parents’ authority, and the temporary removal of the children from their family home.”

The German government can not only override the parents’ decisions but also remove their authority.

What are parents even for in Germany? If they are not free to raise their kids as they see fit, what is even their function? Providing free childcare services for Big Brother Mama Merkel?

It’s insane.

Robert Clarke, an attorney for the Alliance Defending Freedom, or ADF, a U.S.-based Christian legal advocacy group, who argued the Wunderlichs’ case, said the Darmstadt couple was considering an appeal.

Petra and Dirk Wunderlich simply wanted to educate their children in line with their convictions and decided their home environment would be the best place for this,” he said in a statement.

Yeah but you see… they’re not very diverse are they?

They look like nazis. Can’t have none of that in Germany. Taking away their kids and putting them in a diverse black family is in the kids’ best interests. They’ll be able to play with bearded refugee children and learn about other cultures and how their penises look. Actual useful knowledge for the Germany to come.

Children are the future.

The court noted that at the time the children were taken from the couple, Dirk Wunderlich had made statements that “he considered children to be the ‘property’ of their parents” and that “on the information available at the time, the authorities reasonably assumed that the children were isolated, had no contact with anyone outside the family, and that a risk to their physical integrity existed.”

How dare he think his children are his after making them, taking care of them, paying for everything, loving them, raising them, educating them, and more. Who does he think he is?

It added that the “actual removal of the children did not last any longer than necessary in the children’s best interest, and was also not implemented in a way which was particularly harsh or exceptional.”

The domestic authorities struck a proportionate balance between the best interests of the children and those of the applicants (parents), which did not fall outside the margin of appreciation granted to the domestic authorities,” the court concluded.

No, silly, parents don’t know what’s best for their children. The government does.

This should be obvious to keen observers and sharp thinkers, since homeschooling would shield the kids from the globohomo embrowning agenda, effectively turning them into Hitler Youths.

If they turn into Hitler Youths, there’d be a hollow-cost that would finally destroy the Synagogue of Satan, and that would be very anti-Semitic.

Dirk Wunderlich called it a “disheartening day for our family” in the statement from the ADF.

“After years of legal struggles, this is extremely frustrating for us and our children,” he said.

I’m sure some readers can relate to those feelings.

You do the best you can to keep them pure and happy, but degeneracy is constantly creeping in from multiple fronts. Television, movies, music, books, school, teachers, friends’ families, social pressure, consumerism… parents can only do so much.

That’s why we have to unite, resist, and fight.

Together we can do much more.