European Space Agency Plans to Start Mining the Moon by 2025

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 23, 2019


All the cultural enrichment that Europe enjoyed this last decade has finally resulted in enough strengthening diversity, and this is what they have to show for it. This is what proves all of us anti-degenerates wrong.

The Telegraph:

The European Space Agency  (ESA) is hoping to start mining on the Moon by 2025. The ESA has signed a 12-month contract with the rocket maker ArianeGroup to study and prepare for the mission which aims to extract regolith, or Moon rock.

Regolith covers the entire lunar surface to a depth of at least 12 feet, as it made up of a mix of clays, glass fragments, minerals and chemical compounds like iron oxide from which oxygen, water and fuel could be extracted.

Dr David Parker, Director, Human and Robotic Exploration at ESA, said: “The use of space resources could be a key to sustainable lunar exploration and this study is part of ESA’s comprehensive plan to make Europe a partner in global exploration in the next decade – a plan we will put to our Ministers for decision later this year at the Space19+ Conference.”

This is definitely thanks to the ancestral wisdom of the African superhuman species that relentlessly flooded Europe in their quest to fix our economies and birth rates. They may have forgotten how to fly their pyramids because of slavery and stuff, but once they find themselves in a diverse enough environment with plenty of white women around, their latent DNA gets activated and they turn into the kangs they once were.

ArianeGroup with Arianespace is joining forces with a German start-up, PTScientists, which will design and build the lunar lander, and a Belgian company, Space Applications Services, which will provide the ground control facilities, the communications and the associated service operations.

The company said the mission would not involve sending humans to the Moon, but robotic equipment.

Before sending humans to the Moon, we first have to complete the enrichment of Europe so the ex-kangs turn into kangs again.

That is the path to space exploration.

Why waste time inventing new ways to do it if we can make the original space explorers remember the knowledge they’ve forgotten because of our whiteness? Think of all the time we’d waste thinking, planning, trying out things, prototyping, making calculus and shit, all that time we could instead invest in diversifying our culture with more radical tranny surgeries and hormone treatments.

Don’t you think there are more pressing matters than conquering space? We have to fix the health of the obese, for starters.

If the obese die prematurely, they won’t be able to consume the large quantities of food they normally do because dead people don’t eat, and that would cause a catastrophe for the food industry, and if the food industry goes bankrupt and collapses, then who will feed infinity niglets in Africa, huh?

See how it’s all connected? By keeping obese people alive, we keep the food industry working, and if the food industry works, we can still send food gibs to Apefrica, which in turn produces more dormant space explorer kangs that will later flood our countries and provide us with ultimate enrichment.

This is a synergistic relationship.

Sure, the Chinese recently made plants grow on the moon, but those plants ended up dying because the Chinese are not diverse, and a lack of diversity means a lack of knowledge.

With the advice of the kangs, the plants would still be alive.

Right now, the United States Space Force is nowhere to be seen, the Chinese are already doing cool stuff in space, and Europe plans to start space-mining soon.

Why are we not producing genetically enhanced superhuman soldiers with bulky armors and cool weapons yet?

We have to step our game up.