Evangelicals Will Go Away. And Something Good Will Replace Them.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 2, 2020

The media is acting like Galli is retiring because of his anti-Trump article.

In actual fact, he was already planning to retire, and that is why he published the anti-Trump article.

Daily Mail:

The editor of Christianity Today has announced his retirement after sparking fury among nearly 200 evangelical leaders in December by calling President Trump ‘profoundly immoral’ and demanding his removal.

Mark Galli, 67, made the comments in his December 19 editorial titled ‘Trump Should Be Removed From Office’.

It was released one day after the House of Representatives ruled in favour of President Trump becoming the third US President to ever be impeached – after Samuel Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998.

Galli wrote on Twitter yesterday to confirm his departure: ‘Well, my retirement is a couple of days away. Will be posting here more often now that I have more time on my hands.

‘Well, given last week, maybe not.’

And the magazine also confirmed he will be leaving and plans to continue a weekly newsletter.

The magazine retweeted Mr Galli’s initial post and commented, ‘Our editor-in-chief for two more days,’ alongside a crying emoji.

Christianity Today added: ‘If you’re wanting to keep up with Mark after he retires, he will still be sending out his weekly newsletter each Friday.’

You see the way they wrote that? Like his retirement is a result of the article?

The vile glutton Mark Galli wrote the anti-Trump article on his way out as a way to stir-up pointless drama for the media to fixate on, because that will give him a bunch of clout in whatever industry he decides to go into during his retirement. Presumably, he will get a position in some think-tank.

There is no actual battle for the hearts and minds of evangelicals.

Evangelicals are stupider than niggers, but they would never vote for Democrats, because they have a pathological fetishization of guns and abortion laws.

Not to say that I’m not supportive of guns and don’t dream of banning abortion and giving the death penalty to abortion doctors. I call this a “pathological fetishization” because evangelicals have removed these two issues from the larger culture war of which they are a part, and isolated them, as though they are issues that can exist permanently in a vacuum, to be argued back and forth forever.

Meanwhile, in reality, both guns and abortion are issues that will be decided by demographics, not by an argument over guns or abortion. Demographic change is going to lead to a permanent Democrat supermajority, which will permanently implement Democrat policies.

Guns, abortion or any other thing that evangelicals care about cannot be discussed by a rational, thinking adult outside of the larger discussion of demographics.

Evangelical Christianity is a cancer, which has metastasized, and is largely responsible for the total destruction of America.

They supported:

  • Endless war in the Middle East
  • Anti-racism
  • Social justice
  • LEGAL immigration
  • Amnesty for Mexicans
  • Every stupid, destructive thing that Republicans have done for the last 50 years

Most importantly and most egregiously, they supported the complete and total gutting of Christianity and the replacement of the traditional religion of our people with a bizarre, vulgar, mystical doomsday cult with a special focus on “personal happiness.”

The good news is, evangelicals are disappearing. They are currently trying to pull some kind of Hail Mary play, and replace their shrinking ranks with brown people, but that is goofy and retarded and brown people don’t have the competence to maintain a religion, let alone a cohesive political lobby.

Instead, what we are going to see is a true reformation in Christianity, as young people look for a real connection to God and community which the evangelical cults that took over America denied them.

I do not know what this is going to look like. It is still in the process of taking shape. In fact, it has only begun to take shape. But we can witness it taking shape.

More than at any other point in my entire life, I am seeing people profess a belief in Christ and a desire to live a life in tune with real Christian morals. It is the will of God that something will begin to happen.

We are falling off a cliff, and we are reaching out to Jesus.

And Jesus is going to catch us.