Even Down Syndrome Sufferer Charlie Kirk is Telling Trump Not to Start a War

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 13, 2019

In an op-ed for Breitbart that demonstrates his late-stage Down syndrome, Charlie Kirk praised everything that Donald Trump is doing, stated that Iran is a serious threat, talked about how good it was that the US got involved in WWII, then closed by begging the president not to start a war with Iran.

Although I am strongly inclined to talk about how horribly this article was written, point out basic grammatical mistakes, and ask why, if Breitbart doesn’t have an editor, Kirk doesn’t have someone else edit his articles before he submits them – I will skip all of that, and just speak of the closing plea.

Kirk writes:

I commend our president for keeping yet another campaign promise and not using the American military for political purposes. I encourage him to continue to hold the line. It is the one promise he made that is 100 percent within his control and for which he needs no help from Congress.

I don’t have a problem giving credit where credit is due: I am glad that Charlie Kirk is saying “please don’t go to war with Iran, Mr. President.”

That is good.

Kirk is by far the most sycophantic Trump supporter of all, and if he is saying “don’t do it,” that seems to demonstrate that no single element of Trump’s base is going to be on-board with a war against Iran.

The people who will be on-board with it are:

  • Baby boomer evangelical doomsday cultists trying to bring about an apocalypse so they can live forever
  • Jews
  • The entire government (save a few progressives and hopefully Rand Paul)
  • The entire media

The media is attempting to stir people up into a frenzy of war madness already, and as we get closer to this possibility, they will get even crazier – particularly after John Bolton and Mike Pompeo present them with a false flag event to hype up (it appears that they will go with dead US soldiers in Iraq, if they choose to go this route).

The Kirk plea is encouraging, as it indicates that there may be people around Trump who are encouraging him to hold back. We sometimes get the impression that Jared Kushner has completely cleansed the White House of anyone who is not totally on-board with MIGA. But maybe not.

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