Even Paul Joseph “Cocksucker” Watson is Turning on Warmonger Ben Shapiro

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 26, 2019

There’s a phrase in Washington: “If I’ve lost Cocksucker Watson, I’ve lost the cocksucking British.”

Ben Shapiro, it seems, has lost the cocksucking British.

Paul Joseph “Cocksucker” Watson has generally agreed with all of Ben Shapiro’s positions, such as that you can replace the entirety of America with brown people and it doesn’t matter because race is only skin color and America is just an ideology.

Watson also agreed with Ben Shapiro’s basic premise that the number one threat to America is 21-year-old blue-haired feminists on college campuses who have a bad ideology that is against free market economics.

However, Shapiro crossed “Cocksucker” Watson’s “cocksucking line” when he threw an absolute yid-fit over Donald Trump not starting a war with Iran.

The “cocksucking line” or the “cocksucker’s red line” is believed to be a point at which British cocksuckers think you’ve gone too far with your Jewish agenda, and start posting negatively about you on Twitter.

Donald Trump is closing in on this line himself, as he continues to push for war with Iran, despite Tucker Carlson calling him up and saying “please stop.”

Without the cocksucking British, it simply isn’t possible that Trump can win in 2020.

Not least because that will cut off his supply of Brain Force, which Trump relies on to keep his deal-making skills sharp and deadly.