Every Jew is in Mossad: Argentina’s Jews Helped Israel Kidnap Adolf Eichmann

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 25, 2017

When it comes to Holocaustology, Adolf Eichmann’s show trial is what gave the myth its contemporary meaning.

In 1960, Mossad agents kidnapped Argentine citizen Adolf Eichmann and transported him to Israel. The only consequences they got from that was a meek complaint from the government [Editor’s Note: the Argentinian government was pretty pissed off, they just didn’t have any recourse].

When asked for an explanation, the Israeli government told the president of Argentina that they had a right to do this because they were Jews and Eichmann was guilty of gassing 6,000,000 of them. Why, then, didn’t they present evidence and have him extradited?

Simple: it never happened.

But now new information shows common Jews living in Argentina were instrumental in helping the Mossad with this political kidnapping/murder. That goes to show you, just because some Jews seem average, doesn’t mean they won’t collaborate with an illegal conspiracy when called on it by Israel.

Jewish Telegraph Agency:

Argentina’s Jewish community gave Israel’s spy agency all the cars and some of the safe houses used to abduct the Nazi murderer Adolf Eichmann, a Mossad agent revealed.

Career Mossad agent Avner Avraham revealed this earlier this month, ending decades of official secrecy around the exact role of the Jewish Community of Argentina in the operation Finale, in which Mossad agents flew Eichmann from Buenos Aires to Israel in 1960 to be tried for his role in murdering hundreds of thousands of Jews during the Holocaust, for which he hanged in 1962.

“The Jewish community helped. It’s not something we publish but the Jewish community certainly helped the Mossad with vehicles and also with safe houses,” Avraham said during a lecture he delivered earlier this month at the Mahar conference on Balkan Jews, which the Jewish community of Montenegro organized with help from the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress in the coastal city of Budva.

Efraim Zuroff, a leading hunter of Nazis for the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told JTA that, to his knowledge, the extent of the Jewish community’s involvement in Eichmann’s capture – an episode which led to the Israeli ambassador’s expulsion from Buenos Aires and a rupture in bilateral relations – had previously not been widely known.

“It was know that there was some involvement, but not exactly what,” he said.

Avraham in 2011 curated with permission from Mossad an exhibition on Eichmann’s capture – a watershed moment in Israel that many scholars identify as the episode that prompted open debate about the genocide in Israel, where it had been something of a taboo for its traumatic effects.

The wife of an engineer who worked in an Argentine factory, Volk, who passed away, she was offered shortly before the abduction to head a regional office for Israel’s national airline, El Al, which was set up solely to handle the Nazi’s transportation to Israel. A stay-at-home mother of a three year old son, she happily accepted the offer from an El Al employee – who also didn’t know the real purpose of the new regional office.

So Jews in Israel didn’t mention the “Holocaust” until the Eichmann trial? That is fascinating!

The red pill: the Holocaust wasn’t “the Holocaust” until after the Eichmann trial, when academics began coining the term and advancing its mythology as truth. It wasn’t until a Meryl Streep movie in 1978 that the term became well-known.

The Eichmann trial was about as fair as you’d imagine. When I call it a show trial, I mean it literally, as this was the first trial that was recorded and broadcast on televisions around the world. The prosecution and defense were more or less all scripted for Goyim gaslighting and the Jewish appetite for sadism.

Because of his circumstances, Eichmann’s defense in the kangaroo trial urged him to say whatever Jews demanded as his only chance for saving his life. The Jews executed him anyway.

The reason civic nationalism can’t work is that whites are the only ones who play by the rules. Eichmann the Argentine citizen shared the same passport as the Jews who had him abducted and killed for a propaganda stunt in a foreign land thousands of miles away.

Citizenship means nothing to an international criminal clique.

And an innocent man was killed in the process. Though, as a Nationalsocialist, he should’ve known Jews were going to hang him no matter what they promised. He could’ve stood up and told them to go fuck themselves. Given his life to prevent this blood libel that is used today to browbeat the West into collapse.

Perhaps young Jews believe the Holocaust is real, just like a young person raised in any other religion will assume its tenets. I’m on the fence about that.

But the Jews who were actually there? The gas chambers? The ovens? The human soap? The skin lampshades?

The nature of Jewish internment was no different than Japanese internment in the US, and done for the same reason (Jews were a national security threat). The only difference is the war happened in the heart of Europe, and some hundreds of thousands starved and got typhus like millions of Gentiles on all sides did during the conflict.

The reason the Germans believed Jews to be a collective security threat is, well, look at how they got Eichmann!

The Holocaust? It vaz only real in their “minds”!