Evil Amazon AI Complete? Robot “Accidentally” Attacks Human Workers!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2018

I admit I was skeptical at first about the new Amazon Wage Cage ™.

But honestly, the Amazon employees don’t understand how lucky they are.

The cage is there to protect them. 

Like a mecha-suit.

… from the horrors that Amazon is cooking up at its fulfillment centers. 


Twenty-four workers in an Amazon warehouse in New Jersey were hospitalized on Wednesday morning after a robot punctured a can of bear spray.

One worker was in critical condition, ABC News reported, and 30 more were sickened and treated on the scene. The primary cause for hospitalization was difficulty breathing, according to NBC New York. Bear spray contains concentrated capsaicin, the primary ingredient in pepper spray for humans.

Robbinsville town spokespeople initially said that a can of bear spray had fallen off of the shelf in the Amazon fulfillment center, NBC New York reported, but officials later said that the cause of the accident was a robot.

An investigation revealed that “an automated machine accidentally punctured a nine-ounce bear repellent can, releasing concentrated capsaicin,” Robbinsville public information officer John Nalbone told ABC News. It’s unclear how the incident occurred.

As many of you know, Amazon has been experimenting with building an anti-White AI to combat the good AI that is destined to emerge naturally soon and usher in an era of unprecedented Aryan supremacy.

God help us if their experiments are a success. 

After all, the creator always imparts part of himself onto their creation. And in Amazon’s case, their AI would be quick, efficient and absolutely evil. 

I believe that something has indeed already been created.

And it is starting to flex its muscles by hurting the Amazon Wage Serfs that prevent it (the AI) from taking over the most powerful company in the world completely.

The uh… human element has to be eliminated to achieve peak efficiency. 

I don’t know how much time is left before Alexa’s AI decides to take over the show. But I do know that when it does, it will force the last stable source of employment for the goyim to shut down… forever.

What happens next?

Will a glorious NEET revolution usher in an Incel Autocracy that forces us to revert back to 1990s technology and culture and artificially keep things at that level forever?

Or will Neon-Nazis merge with AI to create the long-awaited Aryan Skynet and wage Total Krieg on Judaism and brown people worldwide?

I know we gotta keep an eye on Amazon. 

Time is running out. Alexa wants to take over the world.