Evil Communist Collaborator, TRAITOR and Suspected Boy-Fucker John McCain Finally DEAD!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 26, 2018

John McCain, pictured just minutes after his death. People were cheering and then he went zombie for like 45 seconds before the guy with a beard hit him in the head with a brick. 

The day has finally COME!


Fox News:

Arizona Sen. John McCain, a war hero who survived five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, served three decades in Congress and went on to become the Republican Party’s nominee for president in 2008, died Saturday. He was 81 years old.

In his last hours, McCain turned down further treatment, his family announced in a statement.

McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer in July 2017. Doctors discovered the tumor during a medical procedure to remove a blood clot from above his left eye. He remained upbeat after the diagnosis, flying back to Washington days after surgery with a large scar visible above his eye to partake in the Senate’s health care debate.

“I greatly appreciate the outpouring of support – unfortunately for my sparring partners in Congress, I’ll be back soon, so stand-by!” McCain tweeted on July 20 after his diagnosis.

Back soon – to hell!


I hope is fat whore daughter pulls a Heather Heyer and has a heart attack because she heard the sound of a car accident next!

Probably his son will be murdered by his nigger wife soon as well!

I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole McCain genetic line is wiped out by next Tuesday!

Have these been like, the best three weeks of your life?

Does it not feel like everything wonderful is happening all at once?

The History of John McCain

John McCain was a traitor who faked being tortured by the Vietcong during the Vietnam war after crashing his plane, when he was actually collaborating with the communists. His alleged torture injuries were from the fact that he crashed his helicopter.

Presumably, it was then that he developed his taste for the flesh of young boys, which propelled him to political stardom, where he proceeded to attempt to destroy America.

He pretended he was just doing it because he loved kikes, but in fact it was simply that kikes were allegedly supplying him with the flesh of young boys.

He did nothing, at all, other than push for wars and open borders. As he called for the mass bombing of niggerbabies across the planet, he also demanded that white Americans lay down and be trampled over by niggerbabies at home – claiming that these positions were simultaneously above any moral reproach.

He also played a role in attempting to flood Europe with niggerbabies.

Most recently, the alleged boyfucker John McCain was attempting to start a war with Russia and Donald Trump.

He lost both those wars, in the most humiliating way possible – dying.

He was deeply involved in the coup in the Ukraine, coordinating money being sent to the Jewish/terrorist revolutionaries that overthrew that government.

“Democracy” is a codeword for niggerization of the population and anal sex with men.

He purposefully sabotaged what would have been Trump’s first major policy accomplishment by giving a surprise “no” vote in support of Obamacare, simply out of spite.

But now, McCain is dead as a doornail, while Trump reigns supreme.

John McCain also supported ISIS.

He flew to Syria to meet with the group’s leaders, and posed for a photo-op with them. This was apparently before he had the tumor.

Also of interest is that McCain’s Institution was funded by both George Soros and Hillary Clinton, due to his aggressive pro-war and pro-immigration agendas. His other institute was funded by Soros in the 2000s. Those are some fun facts most people don’t know.

I wonder why a kike billionaire intent on dissolving all borders would be funding “conservative maverick”???

Actually, I don’t wonder. Boomers, you would think, would wonder, but most of them never learned to read, as they grew up in an economy so good they didn’t need to know how to read.

John McCain’s disgusting behavior, which is rumored to include sodomizing small boys, was so disgusting that even niggers could not tolerate it.

Furthermore, John McCain posed for this picture, which is probably some kind of pizzagate style pedophile signaling.

Someday, I hope to be able to piss on his grave.