Evil Kikeroaches Win Cash Settlement from New Jersey Town They Invaded and Conquered

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 3, 2018


Jews are a disgusting and evil people, and if you allow them an inch they will take your entire zone over.

As they conquer and oppress you, you will be labeled a hater for any single act of resistance against their colonization of your zones.

Fox News:

A New Jersey town accused of discriminating against Orthodox Jews from nearby New York state approved a settlement Tuesday with a group that sued over a law banning a religious boundary built with white plastic piping on utility poles.

Just so you understand. An “eruv” is a Jewish colony. They use these pipes to mark the territory they have stakes in.

After they invade a town and put up these pipes, they then start using all types of pressure to force out any locals. They harass them and attempt to force them to sell their homes located within the boundaries of the Jewish colony.

Anyone who refuses or resists in any way is labeled a “Nazi.”

Mahwah Township’s council voted 5-2 Tuesday to settle the suit from the Bergen Rockland Eruv Association after two hours of private legal discussion, the Record reports. The settlement will remain confidential pending approval from the group, says Mahwah Township Attorney Brian Chewcaskie.

The lawsuit was sparked by a now-reversed township ordinance that would have effectively banned the building of an eruv, a ritual boundary that some Orthodox Jews rely on to perform tasks on the Sabbath including carrying bags and pushing strollers.

The eruv ban and a separate ordinance that would have restricted parks and playgrounds to local residents were reversed in December after Mahwah was sued by the state attorney general.

The ban was prompted by some town residents’ complaints about overcrowding at the parks and their use by Orthodox Jewish families coming from towns across the nearby New York border.

So the Jews came into this town and started putting up barriers and then fully invaded and took over entire areas of it, where they were keeping out the goyim.

Then the locals complained and an ordinance was passed to keep out non-locals from the public areas in the town. Jews complained that this was anti-Semitism, and so the locals – fearing the accusation of hate from these brutal kikes – reversed the ordinance.

Then the Jews went ahead and sued them anyway, and now the town is giving an undisclosed sum of money to the parasitic rats – while they continue to infest their territories.

I am so fucking sick of being oppressed by these evil monsters in my own fucking country.

The Bergen Rockland Eruv Association alleged the ban was an attempt to keep Orthodox Jews from New York out of Mahwah. The eruv association received licenses from the utility company Orange & Rockland before installing the pipes, according to group’s attorneys.

Many Mahwah residents voiced concerns during the legal fight that the expanded eruv meant an influx of Orthodox Jews along with overcrowding and a stressed school system similar to Lakewood. Democratic U.S. Sen. Cory Booker labeled the opposition as anti-Semitic.

Yeah, that’s a good little pet nigger.

Go get those bad goyim, Cory.

Such that circumcised cock of your slave master.

Council President Robert Hermansen, who has denied the measures were motivated by anti-Semitism, said that the settlement was the best option for the township.

Council members Janet Ariemma and James Wysocki voted against the settlement. Some residents who attended Tuesday’s meeting called on the council members to fight against the eruv all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if needed.

It sure would be nice if someone, somewhere would fight these bloodsucking, demonic animals.

These people think we are all Palestinians. That they can steal whatever they want from us. Because we are the goyim, which their Torah claims exist only to be fed upon by the Jews.

History of This Infestation

Here’s a video from July of last year, showing residents concerned that their community is being taken over by the Jew rats.

Mahwah Police are investigating four cases of vandalism against thin pieces of plastic piping and string which denote an Eruv, which symbolically encircle certain towns, turning them into Jewish back yards and enable Orthodox Jewish residents to move freely, carry things and push baby carriages on the Sabbath.

The same month, these filthy fucking kike rats brought in a “Holocaust survivor” – sent by the Simon Wiesenthal Center –

At that same meeting, locals attempted to speak out about the takeover, and were shut down by city officials.

Here’s an August report claiming this is anti-Semitic hatred to remove the pipes. Notice to non-Orthodox TV kike saying “brownshirts.” The non-Orthodox Jews will defend their evil kin to the death.


“NJ Now” host Jim McQueeny confirmed that the town of Mahwah, NJ received a letter from the state Attorney General’s Office Division of Civil Rights accompanying a subpoena seeking information on enforcement of a township ordinance.

The letter came amid tension over the town’s decision to remove the eruv, a religious boundary, and recent efforts to ban out-of towners from municipal parks.

Similar concerns have spread to neighboring towns. The subject could strike into the heart of NJ’s governor’s race, as Woodcliff Lake Mayor and lieutenant governor candidate Carlos Rendo — Kim Guadango’s running mate — is quoted in a northjersey.com article: “We welcome everybody, whether they’re Christians, Jews, Muslims. I don’t think there should be any fear about who’s moving in.”

In September, the bloodsucking monsters said that it was “anti-Semitic” to tell Jews they aren’t allowed to knock on people’s doors and intimidate them into selling their homes!


The Mahwah NJ Town Council has proposed a ban on neighborhood soliciting.

Some residents have complained that Orthodox Jews from New York have been knocking on doors with offers to buy homes.

Mayor Bill Laforet joined Chasing News via Skype and said the proposed ordinance has nothing to do with those complaints.

And here we are, half a year later, and the Jews have won the town and a huge undisclosed sum of money from the townspeople.

All non-Jews are going to eventually be forced to leave the area – if they can – to get away from the hostile, violent parasitic monsters.

The Jews are pure evil. They do nothing but harm us. And all the while, they claim that they are victims, being harmed by us.

But what exactly are these fucking people doing in our country?

What right do they have?

We fought a massive war for these sickening rats, and now they have a country of their own, but they want to live in our country so they can feed off of us.

We have to get them out.

By any means necessary.