Evil Neocon Jew Bill Kristol Mocked Over The Weekly Standard’s Reported Demise

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2018

The Jew Bill Kristol must be quite upset that his weird brand of Jewish propaganda disguised as “conservatism” is no longer believed by American goyim.

The Weekly Standard is an old neocon magazine that was co-founded in the 1990s by the evil Jew Bill Kristol. It quickly became a significant propaganda outlet promoting Jewish wars for Israel during George W. Bush’s presidency.

In recent years, the outlet has pushed an aggressive anti-Trump agenda. You could even argue that it has become transparently leftist in nature. This stance has caused them to lose subscribers to the point where the magazine’s parent company no longer views it as financially viable. There are numerous reports indicating that the publication is on the brink of shutting down.

Daily Caller:

The Weekly Standard is not expected to survive going into 2019 and is preparing to shut down permanently, according to a current staff member and former member of the magazine’s parent company who spoke to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Rumors had been circulating throughout the media class Tuesday about the fate of The Weekly Standard in the wake of the magazine’s dwindling readership and circulation, despite a rebranding effort as the preeminent right-leaning periodical for conservatives opposed to President Donald Trump.

“I don’t expect it to exist after December 14, 2018,” one editor at the magazine told TheDCNF. “There is no budget for it AT ALL.”

Dinesh D’Souza mocked Kristol over these reports.

Kristol responded to D’Souza by claiming that he was attempting to save “conservatism” from the Alt-Right.

Tony Shaffer had a pretty good response to Kristol’s ridiculous tripe.

But Shaffer didn’t go all the way his criticism. If he did, he would have called out Kristol for being a full fledged Jewish racial activist. Every political stance Kristol has taken has been to benefit Jews and Israel at the expense of the American people. That’s why he has consistently pushed for endless wars in the Middle East while advocating for open borders in America. It’s also why he’s been a vocal critic of Trump. Any person of reasonable intelligence can see that there is absolutely nothing “conservative” about Kristol’s political positions.

Overall though, it is good to see that The Weekly Standard could be finished. It is another sign that these neocons and cuckservative types have lost political viability. The Republican Party is fully on board with Trump and these people are not going to subscribe to an allegedly “conservative” magazine that puts out anti-Trump articles. And the people who dislike Trump can read the plethora of liberal Jewish media operations that bash Trump non-stop.

There really isn’t any point to magazines like The Weekly Standard any longer. It’s honestly a surprise that they’ve been able to maintain their operations this long in what is an increasingly polarized political environment. Other than maybe a small handful of senile Bush-loving boomers, who the hell even reads The Weekly Standard these days?

If The Weekly Standard does officially cease operations, it will represent another sign that we are making significant political progress. Other neoconservative oriented publications like the National Review may face similar types of problems in the near future. People are no longer interested in reading Jewish propaganda disguised as “conservatism.”