Ex-Con Rape Ape Beats His Crackhead Mudshark to Death in Their Baton Rouge Trailer

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
July 23, 2019

Willie Joseph III.

In a sane world, this is the kind of story that young white girls would be required to read in high school.

No equality BS, no Jewishness, just the cold hard facts: If you bed down with a prehistoric ape, you’re going to end up smoking crack in a trailer park until the ape finally snaps and pummels you to death with a DIY tool.

The Advocate:

A 63-year-old Baton Rouge man who police say confessed to beating his girlfriend to death with a hammer while high on cocaine has been indicted on second-degree murder.

Willie Joseph III, of 6061 Plank Road, was charged Wednesday by an East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury in the March 30 slaying of Cynthia Gaudet, 55.

Gaudet was found dead inside a trailer in the 6000 block of Plank Road.

Baton Rouge police detectives wrote in Joseph’s arrest warrant that Gaudet’s head appeared “smashed in with some sort of blunt object.”

Joseph showed up at his neighbor’s house two days after the crime and confessed, police said. He then turned himself in to authorities and confessed again.

Joseph told police he and Gaudet, his new girlfriend, had been smoking crack cocaine together all evening when they got into an argument. At one point, Gaudet tried to hit him with a hammer and he took it from her. Later on, he said, the argument escalated and he “lost it,” police have said.

He hit her three or four times over the head, then covered her face with a shopping bag to “finish her off,” police said.

Joseph had recently been released from prison after serving two decades for rape, police said.

Cynthia Gaudet.