Examining US Ties to Hong Kong Uprising Figures

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 8, 2019

Yes, of course everyone involved in this is a US agent.

How stupid are you people?


Massive protests which gripped Hong Kong this summer have been portrayed as leaderless. Yet, there were people who held clear sway over the crowds. But who directs them?

As ‘leaderless’ as the crowds of protesters clashing with police on the streets of China’s Special Administrative Region may have seemed, they still were largely influenced by a whole group of public figures, politicians, parties and organizations. And it turns out that some key figures behind the unrest had longstanding ties with the global “beacon of democracy” – Washington, DC.

One of the men at the center of the protest movement is a Hong Kong tycoon, Jimmy Lai, whose company owns one of the most-read local papers, a tabloid called the Apple Daily. Another one is politician and barrister, Martin Lee, the founding chairman of the local Democratic Party. Both men visited Washington at the height of the protests to meet with some high-ranking US officials including State Secretary Mike Pompeo.

And as a former senior adviser in the Trump and Bush administrations Christian Whiton, who met both Lai and Lee in Hong Kong this summer, put it “causing this crisis for the Chinese government … is good in the national interests of the US.”

How could anyone possibly not see that the same thing that happened in Georgia, the Ukraine, and the entire Arab world, is happening in Hong Kong?

How actually retarded are people that they would allow the sick and sadistic homosexual Paul Joseph Watson to tell them that the neocon CIA uprising in Hong Kong is truly about freedom, and that it is the responsibility of the US to help them in their revolution, because of freedom?

Seriously, if you people are actually this stupid, that you will fall for the same neocon war hoax that has happened over and over again, then you actually are the stupid goyim that the Jews portray you as and you deserve everything that happens to you.

I however am not a stupid goyim and I do not deserve this. I said from when the riots began “this is a CIA hoax to start a war.” And I have kept that same position the whole time. And I have been proved right. Again.

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