EXCLUSIVE: Helsinki Transcript Exposes President Trump as a Russian Agent, Betrayed America for Urinating Prostitutes

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 22, 2019

A leaked transcript from last year’s Helsinki summit offers substantial proof that Donald Trump is an agent of the Russian government. He has been fully compromised by Vladimir Putin after engaging in sex with urinating prostitutes provided to him by Russian intelligence services.

Disturbing new details have emerged about last year’s summit in Helsinki, Finland between US President Donald J. Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to a portion of the transcript documenting their private conversation, we now have conclusive proof that President Trump is an agent of the Russian government. We also know that he compromised himself after Russia’s Federal Security Service or FSB provided him with urinating hookers in a Moscow hotel room.

While this reporter has not personally viewed the actual document in question, the information has been confirmed by two senior State Department employees. Both of them are familiar with the person who has viewed and verified the authenticity of the document.

The two senior State Department employees reached out to me via email after attempting to provide this story to Alex Jones. They had hoped Jones, being a great American patriot, would agree to publish this very important information on Infowars.com. Unfortunately, when they spoke to Jones on the phone, he began ranting incoherently about a Chinese Communist conspiracy to ban him from the Internet. He insisted that the Chinese Communists were trying to silence him after he exposed their plan to use 5G technology to give us cancer and turn us into homosexuals. He also claimed that the Chinese Communists conspired to discredit him by planting tranny porn on his smartphone. They listened to his rambling for a half an hour before finally hanging up.

Unfortunately for Jones, he missed out on the story of the century. What we have here is bombshell smoking gun evidence proving that the sitting President of the United States is working on behalf of the Russian government. Just let that thought sink in for a moment. Never in the history of our democracy has something like this happened. It is a truly frightening thing to think about, as the ramifications of this will be felt for generations to come.

The discourse between the two men can only be described as bizarre, with them routinely referring to each other as “comrade.”

Here is the relevant portion of the transcript provided by my State Department sources.

DONALD TRUMP: Comrade Vladimir, it is good to see you again. As you well know, I think Russia is a fantastic place. Great country! Great people!

VLADIMIR PUTIN: It is good to see you again also Comrade Donald. We have much business to discuss.

DONALD TRUMP: Believe me Comrade Vladimir, I think we can make some great deals. But before we get to business, I just wanted to thank you and the Russian government for posting all of those memes on Facebook. A lot of my people tell me that I would not have been elected without your generous assistance!

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Comrade Donald, it was a matter of mutual interest. It is also why our people hacked the Democrat Party’s email server and worked with Julian. A Hillary Clinton victory would have been very bad for the interests of the Russian Federation. You on the other hand have proven your loyalty to mother Russia. And to be perfectly frank, we in Russia can’t stand that bitch. Sergey has told me many bad stories.

DONALD TRUMP: Yes Comrade Vladimir. In America she is known as “Crooked Hillary.” And to be perfectly honest, she is one woman whose pussy I would not grab. That I can tell you! (laughter)

VLADIMIR PUTIN: (laughter) Indeed Comrade Donald, such a woman only causes men to drown themselves in vodka. And speaking of women, it is my understanding that you enjoyed the company of some beautiful Russian ladies the last time you were in Moscow.

DONALD TRUMP: I did Comrade Vladimir. Please extend my thanks to your people at the FSB for arranging that. You know how much I enjoy watersports! Great women! Great ladies!

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Well as you know Comrade Donald, Russia has some of the best prostitutes in the world. I have said so publicly. It is no secret. Please consider it a token of our appreciation for everything you have done on behalf of the Russian government for the past twenty years. I am confident that as part of our negotiations we can arrange future meetings with those same ladies. I just need your assurances on some items that are of great strategic interest to the Russian Federation. As you know, the American military presence in Syria has created complications for us. The Russian Federation would greatly appreciate it if you could escalate a withdrawal.

DONALD TRUMP: Comrade Vladimir, I am confident that we can arrange a great deal. As you know, that’s what I do. I make deals. Unfortunately, things are complicated now. The Jewish media is making things difficult. Between them, Mueller and his thirteen angry Democrats they are threatening to expose our arrangement. I can only tweet “fake news” and “witch hunt” so many times. RT really needs to expand its reach in America to help neutralize the Jewish narrative.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: I agree Comrade Donald. Arrangements will be made. We also need to revisit the Trump Tower project in Moscow. I was very much looking forward to that Penthouse apartment you promised me.

DONALD TRUMP: Yes, Comrade Vladimir. Believe me when I tell you, it will be a phenomenal hotel. Nobody does hotels like Trump. I should be able to revisit this project after the 2020 election. As you know, I will have much more flexibility then. But before we discuss any more business, would you be able to sign this shirtless photo I have of you sitting on a horse? It is a truly outstanding picture!

VLADIMIR PUTIN: I’d be more than happy to sign it Comrade Donald.

What’s frightening about this exchange is that this is only a small portion of what the two men talked about in Helsinki. We can only imagine what other agreements and arrangements were made during their lengthy two hour meeting. But now we know why President Trump fought so hard to conceal the content of his conversation with President Putin. It confirms all of our worst fears.

It proves that Russia not only interfered in our democracy but that the Russians have totally compromised the President of the United States with urinating hookers. It couldn’t be any more clear that President Trump’s recent decision to withdraw military forces from Syria came at the direction of Russia.

My State Department sources have also confirmed that the FSB secretly filmed President Trump’s sex encounter with the urinating prostitutes. But the existence of this footage more commonly known as the “naked Trump” film has been widely known about within the intelligence community for quite some time now. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) through covert methods recently obtained a copy of the “naked Trump” film which was previously in the exclusive possession of the FSB. They have since given a copy of the footage to both House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Robert Mueller III’s Special Counsel office.

The Jewish Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) is said to be overjoyed at having the opportunity to watch the “naked Trump” film inside his private Congressional office.

My Congressional sources tell me that Congressman Schiff is insisting on personally analyzing the “naked Trump” video inside his private office. While potentially unrelated, some of Schiff’s staffers were seen entering his office carrying sizable jars of KY jelly and tissue boxes, presumably at the Congressman’s request.

Even though the ultimate outcome of all this is still uncertain, it obviously does not look good for President Trump. This will undoubtedly lead to impeachment proceedings and a conviction in the Senate. The Republican Party is not going to stand behind a man who sold out America in exchange for urinating prostitutes. Even his most hardcore supporters will have to admit that this is the end.