“Analysts” Say Putin is Humiliating the West on Purpose, WaPo Calls Obama a Coward

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 11, 2015

He does not look as though he's feeling upset.
The Russian Czar does not look as though he’s feeling upset.

Again, I just don’t think that publicly stating “these Russians are humiliating us” is the way to go, guys.

I am not a PR expert, but I am a consumer of media, and to me this just couldn’t look any more whiny and faggy. Especially given that it is being combined with clearly empty threats. You are going to look weak no matter what, because you’ve been beat, but speaking as a man whose had his ass kicked before, I can tell you: there are more honorable ways to take a beating than this.


The dramatic military campaign is Moscow’s first outside the former USSR since Soviet troops went into Afghanistan in 1979 and has led some to suggest that an emboldened Kremlin is aiming to reassert some of its lost super power status.

Using the latest Sukhoi jets and older Soviet aircraft, Russia has blasted command posts and training camps of what it says are radical “terrorists” as it has backed a ground offensive by the forces of its long-standing ally, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The strikes also saw Russian warships in the Caspian Sea fire missiles at targets over 1,500 kilometres away for the first time ever in battle — a highly symbolic show of strength that has been interpreted as a clear statement.

“I cannot judge whether launching air strikes from the Caspian Sea made any sense militarily,” political analyst Grigory Mеlamedov wrote. “We showed our strength. To whom? To the Islamists? No. First of all, to the Americans.”

“He [Putin] wasn’t planning on living in isolation, on leading an outcast state,” said political analyst Alexander Baunov of the Carnegie Moscow Center.

That’s a globalist American organization, by the way, a part of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (Washington, DC).

Hillary speaks to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
The Bitch of Bengazi speaks to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

They’re probably on the verge of getting run out of Moscow as the foreign change agents they are.

With more than 70 percent of the Russian population on board with the intervention, the West has questioned the true motives behind the campaign, accusing Moscow of bolstering Assad’s beleaguered regime by targeting opposition-held areas.

But quashing the Islamic State and other extremist groups, the stated objective of Russia’s campaign, is partly a broader attempt to compete with — and even intimidate — the West, analysts said.

“Rather than being primarily about Syria, or primarily about ISIS, this dispute is about a global principle,” Matthew Rojansky, the director of the Washington-based Kennan Institute, told AFP.

The dispute has gone beyond the level of diplomatic manoeuvering and economic pressure. It has now gotten to the point of using military assets to make a point.

Everyone is inclined to believe that, instinctively, so it seems like rather than reinforcing that inclination, pro-West media and media relations forces should instead be trying to negate it.

“He’s trying to show he can beat us by beating us” is not a good argument for any government to make, even if it’s true. Especially when what he’s doing – successfully bombing a terrorist group that is openly threatening Europe and America – is a pretty popular action among Western people.

Most people do not have very warm feelings toward ISIS, generally, and feel a bit confused as to why the West has been so ineffective in doing something about this issue.
Most people do not have very warm feelings toward ISIS, nor have they been very impressed by Obama spending a year allegedly fighting them and them expanding their territory massively.

But just generally, the idea that embracing weakness ever looks like anything other than weakness is ridiculous, and you people should really know better.

While power is instinctively likable, there is also nothing specifically unlikable about Russia, while there is something fundamentally hated about the West continuing to pour its resources into the Middle East and seeing nothing but chaos result.

So I understand that you guys are having a hard time formulating a narrative here.

Do it. You little bitch.
Seriously though, anything is better than “we have to surrender because he is so powerful – his goal was to show us he’s more powerful than us by forcing us to surrender.”

The Washington Post, clever Jews that they are, is not going along with this narrative, however, and are instead calling Obama a coward for not threatening a war with Russia.

Martin Baron, Editor of the Washington Post and Jewish ethnic activist.
Martin Baron, Editor of the Washington Post and Jewish psycho-terrorist.

In an op-ed piece directed at Obama and authored by “The Editorial Board” yesterday entitled “Don’t greenlight Mr. Putin’s Syria project,” The Post team wrote:

PRESIDENT OBAMA’S response to Russia’s military campaign in Syria increasingly appears to boil down to “let them have it.” Mr. Obama has taken to lecturing Vladi­mir Putin that he is making a mistake that will result in a “quagmire,” while publicly assuring him that the United States will do nothing to contest the concerted assault the Russian president has launched against Syrian rebels, including those who have been trained and supplied by the United States. “We’re not going to make Syria into a proxy war between the United States and Russia,” Mr. Obama says. That sounds like a green light for Moscow to eliminate any alternative in Syria to the regime of Bashar al-Assad and the Islamic State, or ISIL.

“C’mon Obama, you little faggot. You just gonna let that White guy, over there in his White country, come along and bully you, you little bitch? Waddaya gunna doo? Hey, faggot. Waddaya gunna doo?”

Next thing you know, WaPo is going to be calling Obama a house nigger.
Next thing you know, WaPo is going to be calling Obama a “house nigger.”

While Netanyahu is keeping his mouth shut on the entire topic of Putin killing his dudes, it is obvious that the American wing of the Nation of Israel – American Jewry – is doing all it can to bully the establishment into starting a full-on war with Russia.

Yesterday, we reported that the Jew Adam Schiff, ranking member of the United States House Permanent Select Committee, which played a major role in formulating the CIA terrorist war against Assad, is calling for a no-fly zone over Syria, which would be a declaration of war on Syria, as the area still belongs to them.

Adam Schiff is a Man's Man and American's American. He knows what's best for you stupid goyim: war with Russia.
Dat face skin: Adam Schiff is a Man’s Man and American’s American. He knows what’s best for you stupid goyim: war with Russia to protect terrorists trying to overthrow an evil dictator who has killed so many of his own people, virtually everyone remaining votes for him.

Given that everyone can plainly see that Russia would not respect such an arrangement, it would also amount to a declaration of war on them as well.

Right now, Putin is – rightfully – using international law to justify his actions in Syria, noting that the leader of the country, who still rules the official government of the country, has asked him to come. The US has no legal right, whatsoever, to shoot down Russian planes over Syria.

You’ll note that not a single one of Putin’s critics ever brings up the legality of his actions – instead they just insult him, vaguely, as he slaughters their dudes.

Mr. Obama responded to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by predicting it would be self defeating; 20 months later, Mr. Putin controls Crimea and a slice of eastern Ukraine and has won Western agreement for a political settlement that, if fully implemented, will cripple Ukraine’s democratic government. Now the White House suggests that Moscow’s offensive in Syria will also fail on its own. In the long run, that may be the case. But Mr. Obama’s policy risks a host of near-term catastrophes, from the further strengthening of the Islamic State to the elimination of any prospect of a Syrian political solution.

lol @ “Ukraine’s democratic government” installed by Western/Jew coup.

"Master, what does real and true democracy look like?" "Well, I'll tell you, stupid goyim. It looks like a bunch of Nazis paid by foreign governments throwing firebombs at the parliament of your elected leadership."
“Master, what does real and true democracy look like?” “Democracy? Well, I’ll tell you, stupid goyim. It looks like a bunch of Nazis paid by foreign governments throwing firebombs at the parliament of your elected leadership.”

Also sort of lol’d a bit at “if we don’t stop Putin bombing ISIS it is going to strengthen ISIS.”

This whole concept of using the people that are actually on your side as the alleged threat that needs defeated is a rather incredible narrative. You kind have to be slightly awed by it, in the same way you are awed by the ability of Jews to openly promote pedophilia as a “sexual orientation.”

Jews - wow!
Jews – wow!

The number of Pentagon terrorists fighting Assad was recently estimated to be “4 or 5” while the estimated number of CIA terrorists fighting Assad was estimated at 10,000.

“We’re worried about ISIS, who is fighting Assad… so we’re gonna send in 10,000 guys against Assad – because he’s bad too somehow, probably – and 4 or 5 guys to fight ISIS.”

The president appears to have decided on a course of stepping up U.S. support for existing Syrian forces fighting the Islamic State in the eastern part of the country, including Kurds and Sunni tribes. “Equipment packages and weapons” will be provided “to a select group of vetted leaders and their units,” a Pentagon statement said Friday, “so that over time they can make a concerted push into territory still controlled by ISIL.”

Such an offensive toward the Islamic State capital of Raqqa would be welcome. But, combined with Mr. Obama’s refusal to assist the U.S.-allied forces now being pummeled by Russian missiles, it would have the effect of creating, de facto, the “coalition” Mr. Putin has been calling for, in which the United States and its allies join with Russia in fighting all forces that oppose the Assad government. It would force moderate Syrians who oppose the regime into the arms of the Islamic State and advance Mr. Putin’s aim of restoring Russia as a power in the region at U.S. expense.


“Yes, fighting ISIS more effectively would be good. But, we don’t actually want to fight ISIS anyway, probably.”

These Jews, man. How do they have the nerve to publish this? Do they just think people won’t quite grasp what they are saying?

The United States need not go to war with Russia in order to take steps that counter Mr. Putin and preserve vital U.S. interests. Assistance to moderate forces fighting the Assad government should be accelerated: The rebels desperately need more U.S. antitank missiles. A safe zone should be established in northern Syria, in cooperation with Turkey, where civilians can be protected. Instead of lectures, Mr. Putin ought to be given red lines; without them, his aggression will escalate.

War with Russia. They actually felt the need to stipulate – “we are not technically calling for a war with Russia here, even though it sounds like that.”

What they did not explain is which “vital US interests” they are talking about – because there aren’t any. There are “vital Jewish interests.” The US has no real interests whatsoever in the entire Middle East, save trade in oil and, presumably, peace (the opposite of Israeli interests), which both makes the region stable for trade and negates the need for Europe to invite in millions of sand people.

The good news is, Obama is going to side with the guys saying “waahhhhh,” rather than the Jews saying “bomb him, Obama, you fag!”

Nothing can stop the Czar, and nothing can stop the Happenings that he has pulled out of his furry Russian hat.

    How about a sip from this warm glass of "It's happening"?
How about a sip from this warm glass of “It’s happening”?
It's on the record.
But you just kept pushing.