EXPERTS: Moslems Hate Jews Because Germans Hate Moslems

Daily Stormer
April 5, 2019

Look at this vile neo-Nazi Kraut oppressing this poor Moslem’s bottle with his face

I always knew that at the root of every problem, there was some blonde blue-eyed guy named Wilhelm.

And now (((SCIENCE))) has proven that I was right all along.


The findings of a three-year project to highlight and tackle anti-Semitism in Muslim school pupils in Germany were published in a report announced by the Federal Agency for Civic Education (FACE) Monday, entitled ‘Extremism out — Empowerment instead of anti-Semitism’.

The three-year project saw “experts” from the Liberal Islamic Federation and the Ibis Institute for Interdisciplinary Counseling and Intercultural Seminars work at schools on a programme aiming to “shed light on and dispel anti-Semitic attitudes among young people who follow the Muslim faith in order to empower and support them in understanding their independence and autonomy as part of German society”.

If you’ll recall, I wrote a similar article about two weeks or so ago about the Juden doing this in France as well.

Jews flood Europe with these worthless animals, and then they blame us when they get attacked by these same worthless animals that they brought in.

And then they wonder why people want to turn them all into soap and lampshades.

Funded by the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), the programme was piloted at schools in Dinslaken and Duisburg with a view to rolling it out at more schools across the country.

I took a look at this organization’s Wikipedia page, and you’ll be totally shocked at what I found: “The BAMF is alleged to have accepted bribes for granting asylum and following these allegations 18,000 asylum approvals since 2000 are to be reviewed.”

Furthermore, an investigation into a female employee from the organization that hoaxed asylum found that her motivation was “love.” Which is much worse and I’m sure much more common than the bribes thing.

But we’re supposed to trust this totally publicly corrupt organization’s reports on solutions to Jew-hate.

According to the 178-page report, so-called Islamophobia in Germany along with the allegedly “profound, traumatic consequences” of “discrimination and violating experiences” that they face in the country play a big part in Muslim anti-Semitism.

Educators should tackle “the challenge of dealing with” anti-Semitic attitudes in “adolescent members of the Muslim faith”, many of whom have been “devalued and discriminated themselves against as a result of Islamophobia”, by “mak[ing] them aware of other forms of group-focused enmity” where they can recognise others’ “socially marginalised position”, the report says.

You (((experts))) sure Jews regularly using moslems for target practice in Palestine has nothing to do with it?

Or is that Wilhelm’s fault too?

Asserting that “many members of Germany’s Muslim minority are looking for an even smaller minority to scapegoat for their own discriminatory theories”, it states that “the full inconsistency of these views only becomes clear when the teenagers learn their minority… is in a similar victim position”.

“Hey you stupid go… I mean my fellow oppressed minority, let’s stop fighting each other and ally against this other, more numerous group whose blood we’re both sucking.”

“From this perspective, they then demand similar solidarity processes as are had by organisations for the Jewish community,” says the report, though it stresses that teachers should use language in a “sensitive, conscious” way to impress upon young people that Germany is a “nation of immigrants” with no differentiation between “The Germans” and “The Muslims”.

Yes, goyim, Germany is a “nation of immigrants,” just like all countries other than Israel, which is just for Jews.

How do you genetically test a social construct? I don’t know, because I don’t have that high Ashkenazi IQ…