Facebook Jew Sheryl Sandberg Agrees with Nazis That #MeToo Hasn’t Gone Far Enough

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
February 7, 2018

The Jewess Sheryl Sandberg is saying all the right things, but she really needs to start backing up her support of the #MeToo movement with substantive actions.

It is not often that Jews and Nazis agree, but there are always exceptions. It looks like we have one such exception here. The Jewish Chief Operating Officer of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg is saying that the #MeToo movement hasn’t gone far enough. We couldn’t agree more with this statement.


Facebook Inc. Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg says the #MeToo movement, which has spurred women to share stories of sexual harassment, can spark lasting change in workplace policies and culture.

“The question is not if #MeToo has gone too far, but if #MeToo has gone far enough,” Sandberg said on Bloomberg Television. “Because it can’t just be a moment in time, where people raise their voice. These brave women who have raised their voices, they want longstanding change.”

Sandberg, who has long advocated for women in leadership roles, said there needs to be institutional policies that prevent harassment, and a system of due process when it does happen. Most of all, she said, “we need to end the culture of complicity” — people’s instinct to look the other way rather than get involved. “We’re all responsible for what goes on in the workforce,” she added.

Even though we appreciate Sandberg’s comments, she has not used her high level position at Facebook to implement any sort of long lasting change.

The only way for the #MeToo movement to succeed is if we force all males and especially White males out of the corporate world. This is especially true in the technology field. White males will frequently distract female workers from doing substantive work. That’s because White males are constantly looking for different ways to hit on and grope female workers. Some times they will even try to muh dik an unsuspecting female in her office cubicle. This causes a great deal of anxiety for women who are doing serious company work. The anxiety that these men create for women causes them to gossip and cause needless drama at the workplace. They would not be doing these things if it wasn’t for the men they work with. By removing men from the workplace, we will not only eliminate sexual harassment, but companies will be far more productive with highly focused women at the helm.

Sandberg might talk a good game, but she fails to back up her words with substantive action. Facebook’s workforce is still dominated by males. This creates an environment ripe for sexual harassment of productive female workers. Sandberg as Chief Operating Officer needs to begin replacing these men with women until Facebook has an all female workforce. If Mark Zuckerberg the Jewish CEO of the company complains, all Sandberg has to do is accuse him of trying to grab her pussy five years ago or something. The board of directors will force him out on these allegations alone.

Sandberg could #MeToo the Zuck on this photo alone. Look at the inappropriate touching. 

Hopefully Sandberg starts taking action soon. As far as we are concerned, #MeToo can never go far enough. We need to eliminate sexual harassment from the Jewish corporate world and that can be done by replacing all men and especially White men with intelligent and empowered female workers.

So what’s the matter Sheryl? Are you afraid to lean in or what? This is the second time we have called you out for not taking the #MeToo movement seriously. Sure, you could take the cowards way out and call the #MeToo movement anti-Semitic, but we know you won’t do that. That’s because we all know that you are a highly honorable Jewish woman!