Facebook’s Stock Plunges 24 Percent!

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 26, 2018

The Jew CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg just lost $16.8 billion.

Today was a day of reckoning for the horrible Jew-run social media company known as Facebook. The stock lost 24 percent of its value in after market trading.

USA Today:

Facebook lost more than $130 billion in market value in just two hours, its steepest stock decline ever, after warning of slowing sales growth for the rest of the year.

The stock plunged as much as 24% in after-hours trading Wednesday, causing competitors Snap and Twitter to drop, too. Traders are bracing for a decline in tech stocks when the markets open Thursday.

Chief financial officer David Wehner triggered the selloff when he said sales growth would continue to slow through the rest of the year. Shares, which had already declined 7 percent after hours, then as much as 24 percent after the comments on a conference call with analysts.

The personal wealth of Facebook co-founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg took a major hit. He lost $16.8 billion in extended trading. If that loss holds through Thursday’s close, he will slip to sixth place from third in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

The only thing surprising about this is that it hasn’t happened sooner. People have been very unhappy with these big Silicon Valley tech monopolies and their highly unethical business practices. It was really only a matter of time before it hit their bottom line.

Facebook in particular has been dogged by the Cambridge Analytica data mining scandal and rampant censorship on their platform. They’ve taken criticism from all sides of the political spectrum as a result of these and other scandals.

People no longer trust Facebook and it’s easy to see why. They’ve shown that they can’t safeguard user privacy and data. And what’s the point of signing up for a Facebook account when they have an army of thought police that will ban you for saying politically incorrect things?

Facebook is finally hitting a wall and this is a direct result of their Jewish business practices. Will they learn from their mistakes and shift direction? Probably not considering that the company is dominated by Jews at the C-level. Jews are not known for their ability to reflect on their mistakes so they’ll probably continue on the destructive course that they’re currently on.

Back in the 2000s, there were analysts who thought that MySpace was an unstoppable social media force. Take for example Victor Keegan’s 2007 article for the Guardian which asked if MySpace would ever lose its social media monopoly. As we all know, MySpace has long since faded into obscurity. It’s not even a top 1,000 site in the Alexa rankings.

With this historical example in mind, it is not impossible to think that Facebook could potentially suffer the same fate.