Fake News Buzzfeed Trying to Merge with Other Company to Avoid Being Shut Down

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 26, 2019

Honestly, Buzzfeed should be investigated and shut down by the government after their latest hoax.

These same filthy fucking kikes who lobbied to have me kicked off the internet claim that they have a “First Amendment right” to lie to people on purpose in order to attempt to cause chaos in the government, to attempt to open impeachment proceedings.

I know for an absolute fact if you looked into that story they published about Trump telling Cohen to lie about a building in Russia, there would be clear evidence that they purposefully fabricated the entire story for the purpose of assisting the Democrats in opening an impeachment-finding investigation.

This is not “free speech” or the First Amendment, this is sedition and espionage.

The First Amendment was designed to allow free political discussion – something that the entire media is opposed to, as evidence by their organized campaigns not only against me but against Alex Jones and many others. It was not designed to allow mass scale fraud and conspiracy to undermine the government. This is obvious criminal activity.

The company they were trying to merge with got cold feet after this latest scandal, apparently.


BuzzFeed began laying off 15 percent of its staff — about 200 employees — on Friday. Its next move could be a merger with Group Nine, another big digital publisher.

Speculation about a tie-up between the two companies has been bubbling in the media industry for months, and sources familiar with both companies say the two have indeed been discussing a merger. The two companies aren’t close to a finalized deal and may ultimately find different partners. If there is a merger, sources say, it won’t happen imminently.

A BuzzFeed rep declined to comment; I’ve asked Group Nine for comment.

There is some logic to a deal, as both BuzzFeed and Group Nine specialize in generating relatively low-cost, high-volume video designed to travel around the internet with the help of platforms like Facebook and Google. Last fall, BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti publicly floated the idea of merging big digital publishers together so they can get better terms from Facebook and other distributors.

It must be nice to have access to Facebook and Google.

I don’t have access to those services because the companies with access to those services got together and lobbied to have me banned from them. I don’t even have access to my fucking domain, because of an organized media conspiracy against me.

Never forget that while the entire media was going along with the Buzzfeed hoax, we stated clearly that it was obviously fake.

I wrote: Kookspiracy: Jew Schiff Goes Nuts After Jew Buzzfeed Says Jew Cohen Said Trump Instructed Him to Lie.

Beyond all of the FACTS that we report about the lying Jews as a group, the fact that we report more accurate news than them is also a big reason they wanted us out.

We have a total media crisis in this country right now, and we need the government to step in and do something.

They are the enemy of the people.