FANDOM/Wikia Hosting Service Now Blocking All Edits Containing “SJW”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
July 26, 2018

They sure don’t trust their fans tho.

Wikia (which recently rebranded as “FANDOM”) is probably the world’s largest wiki hosting service. It’s owned by the same guy who created Wikipedia, and hosts hundreds of thousands of wikis on innumerable subjects.

In other words, it’s one of the world’s largest repositories of user-submitted information. Most of it is video game and tv trivia compiled by obsessive autists, granted, but it’s still a very important part of the internet.

If you’re under 35, I’ll bet you’ve visited pages that look like this countless times.

So it’s pretty mind-blowing that a few days ago, the term “SJW” was apparently added to the site-wide spam filter feature.

In this wiki about “atrocious Youtubers,” the term “SJW” would obviously be used appropriately in many circumstances.

The same word is banned on different wikis.

Even words containing the letters “SJW” will trigger the block.

This means that from now on no page on the Wikia network of wikis will be able to discuss, expose or criticize SJWs using that widely understood and used term.

This is basically equivalent to a situation where a social media platform would add the words “Nazi” and “fascist” to it’s spam filter.

Except that it’s not equivalent, since “social justice” is a term that the left uses to describe itself, while right-wingers don’t typically unironically call themselves “Nazis” and “fascists.”

SJW is an apt and fair term that can only be considered a “slur” because everyone genuinely hates these faggots.

Banning that word from an entire open information platform can only be interpreted to be an attempt to impose a false consensus on people. After all, as long as these insane leftists can be isolated and labelled “SJWs,” it remains clear that they’re not speaking for the majority of normal people.

No, normal people don’t hate themselves for being White and they’re not enthusiastic about little boys cutting off their penises and undergoing HRT.

Their ideas are deeply unpopular, and are only getting traction with a minority of deranged perverts. This enrages them. The very use of the term “SJW” reinforces this reality, and that’s why it needs to be stamped out, until their ideology is adopted as the de-facto standard in the West.

It’s obvious by this point that this isn’t going to happen, though. The winds are moving in the opposite direction, and all these people are being blown away, exposed as a despised minority of insane losers.

The only thing they have left is authoritarian censorship, of which this Wikia spam filter bullshit is just the latest example.

Well, unfortunately for them, setting up your own wiki is about the easiest thing in the world to do, so if they continue on this path of censorship, they’re going to find themselves going out of business shortly.