Farage Endorses New “Brexit Party” Because UKIP is Too Racist What with Tommy Robinson and Such

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 20, 2019

I do not think that Nigel Farage, in his personal thinking, is an actual hardcore anti-racist. However, he is a boomer, and thus he follows boomer wisdom, which is that anything that is ever called “racist” by anyone in the media must be immediately denounced.

So, after leaving his own party – UKIP – and allowing it to form new leadership, and then watching that leadership embrace the Zionist shill and anti-Islam campaigner Tommy Robinson, Nigel has decided that his only choice is to go with a new party that isn’t tainted by “racism.”

Daily Mail:

Nigel Farage has endorsed a brand new pro-Brexit political party and warned Theresa May he will ‘step back into the fray’ if exit day is delayed from March 29.

The ex-Ukip leader warned of ‘betrayal’ of the Leave vote from 2016 and stepped up his vow to return to front line politics to defend it.

Mr Farage has abandoned his old party as current leader Gerard Batten cosies up to far-right activist Tommy Robinson.

But he endorsed a fledgling new party called ‘The Brexit Party’ set up by another former Ukip politician that has applied to the Electoral Commission.

Mr Farage told the Sun on Sunday: ‘There is huge demand for a party that’s got real clarity on this issue. You can see and hear the frustration welling up out there.

‘It’s clear the political elite want to stop Brexit in its tracks and the Prime Minister doesn’t have the strength or inclination to see this through.

‘I’ve been watching events with growing dismay — I’m not the only one. Now we are putting them on notice that if Brexit doesn’t happen on March 29 we are not prepared to stand by and do nothing.’

I don’t even know, man.

You just give the media such extreme power when you put yourself in a position where if they say “racist,” you have to back down.

Tommy Robinson isn’t even a “racist.” He is just against Islam, and complains about grooming gangs.

UKIP is an established brand that Nigel could use to attack Theresa May’s conspiracy to thwart Brexit.

Furthermore, Tommy Robinson is an actual popular figure. He received a conviction for protesting Islamic groomers, and the government let him out of jail because people rioted.

When is the last time the government released someone from prison because people rioted?

That is a solid brand.

I don’t personally like Tommy Robinson because he is a Jew-lover, but whatever. Can’t argue with success. And clearly, the people who rioted to support him were not doing so because of his pro-Jew positions, but because of his anti-immigrant positions.

So if I were Farage, I wouldn’t necessarily be doing rallies with Robinson, but claiming that his brand is poisonous is just objectively wrong. There is zero need to create a distance there.

Especially since Farage has already attached himself to Donald Trump, who is way more “racist” than Robinson.

I am just so tired of the right-wing allowing the media to determine the moral paradigm, and thinking that this is somehow gaining them more support. Trump has proven that this theory is wrong, and yet it continues to be assumed to be the unquestionable truth.