Fash the Nation Episode 89: Stranged and Confused

Jazzhands McFeels
The Right Stuff
September 25, 2017

James Allsup joins Jazzhands McFeels this week to discuss Trump’s self-defeating alliance with Luther Strange, non-white chickens coming home to roost for both the Democratic Party and the NFL, Trump channeling George W. Bush at the U.N., the castration of Jeff Sessions, and much more on America’s favorite Alt-Right podcast.

Show page: http://fash-the-nation.libsyn.com/

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:00 NFL takes a knee
00:10:00 Pelosi is a deporter
00:20:00 James Comey you ain’t my homey
00:26:00 Alabama Rally & GOP Primaries
00:47:00 U.N. Speech
00:52:00 Paris Accords
00:54:00 Europa Report
01:04:00 Wiretapping & Manafort & Sessions
01:25:00 Election fraud
01:28:00 W.H. Leakers
01:30:00 Democrat rundown
01:38:00 2018 ramp up
01:48:00 El Rushbo & white supremacy
02:00:00 German political takes
02:02:00 Closing thoughts & word of the day