Fat Bastard Pompeo Postpones Moscow Visit, Flies to Brussels to Warn of Looming Iranian Threat

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 13, 2019

For a fat sonovabitch, Mike Pompeo sure can get around.

He is on a nonstop trip of encircling the globe to promote various wars for the Jews. He was going to go to Moscow to talk to the Russians this week, but decided to put that off, as apparently his time would be better spent trying to bully the Europeans.


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is not coming to Moscow on Monday as previously planned, according to a report citing a State Department official. He will still meet the Russian president and foreign minister on Tuesday.

Instead of going to the Russian capital straight away, on Monday Pompeo will hold talks with European officials about “Iran and other issues,” Reuters cites an anonymous State Department official.

The cancelation of the Moscow leg of Pompeo’s visit will reportedly not affect his planned meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, which is scheduled to take place in Sochi on Tuesday. Pompeo is expected to talk to them about what Washington calls Russia’s “aggressive and destabilizing actions.” The US has repeatedly accused Russia of meddling all around the world, including most recently in Venezuela, where, according to Pompeo, only the US is allowed to meddle.

It is shocking that the Russians continue to entertain this clown show.

What do they actually talk about at these meetings? Pompeo knows that “Russian meddling” is a hoax, the Russians know that he knows it, and he knows the Russians know that he knows it.

So are these meetings just photoshoots that both countries view as beneficial?

What is even going on at these events?

Pompeo has spent the past week escalating pressure on Iran, threatening it with “swift and decisive” US action in response to nebulously-defined “attack on American interests or citizens” by “[Iran] or their proxies”. On Tuesday, he canceled a visit to Germany and instead went to Iraq, where he hinted that Baghdad should stay away from doing business with Tehran – for the sake of its own independence.

On Friday, the Pentagon said it was sending additional Patriot anti-air missiles to the Middle East in addition to the carrier strike group and bombers it had dispatched to near Iranian coast as a “warning” a week earlier. Pompeo, meanwhile, has been insisting the US does not want war with Iran.


A week later, we are still talking about a secret plan by Iran to do something secret, the details of which Pompeo is keeping a secret. He knows it’s real, because Mossad told him so.

But, as I have said, this whole spectacle might not actually be designed as an attempt to start a war.

Assuming Trump’s neocons are even a little bit competent, this might be the actual plan:

  • Tell Europe to stop buying Iranian oil
  • When Europe refuses, pretend you’re going to start a war
  • Go to Europe and tell them “look, Orange Man is nuts – he’ll launch an invasion on Iran and destabilize the entire planet if you don’t do what he says”
  • Collapse Iran’s oil exports
  • Cause total poverty in Iran
  • Do a color revolution to overthrow the government of Iran

That is certainly a better plan than invading Iran, and it puts the recent attacks on China – which are one of only a handful of things Trump has done not related to Israel that the Jews and their media have supported – into context.

China is also a signatory to the Iranian deal and is still buying oil from them, so I guess Trump could work cutting Iranian trade into the trade deal that he is talking about doing with China. In fact, he could make it the only stipulation to the normalization of trade with China, which would mean that America once again gets nothing from yet another Jared Kushner “deal.”

Holding the entire world hostage with the threat of a totally destabilizing war against Moslems based on fake intelligence about a vague threat of some kind is extremely irresponsible lunacy. But I guess it is better than actually invading Iran.

All of this having been said, if Europe calls Pompeo’s bluff, John Bolton is probably ready to launch a war against Iran.

Jews are in a very unique situation with Donald Trump’s presidency. He is someone who they want to destroy more than any other president the US has ever had and he is also more willing to do what they tell him to do than any president the US has ever had. So it is nothing to them to push him into starting a disastrous war that they can later attack him over.