Fat Old Sluts More Fertile Than Slim Virgins, Study Finds

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2018

Research has shown that old fat women shouldn’t freak-out if they’re childless because even though evil patriarchal society ignores them, fertility smiles upon them.

Daily Mail:

It’s long been suggested men are more attracted to a woman’s hourglass figure because it signals better fertility.

However, scientists have now revealed this is not the case, with ‘heavy women’ having the most, and healthiest, children.

Heavy women produce heavy children, which in turn produces more heavy women. Obesity might be the key to save the planet.

This is what peak fertility looks like.

The researchers said this is most likely because women are more likely to have an hourglass figure in their late teens (under the age of 20).

Fertility tends to peak in their mid to late twenties. The researchers said the probability of conceiving increases from 0.36 at age 20 and peaks at 0.40 at age 25.

Astounding, ground-breaking, bigot-shattering difference.

It’s obvious now that women are meant to have one kid only and right before they dry up to maximize the chances of getting pregnant after one sexual encounter, because as we all know, chances are married people that age don’t have lots of sex. Gotta make the most out of the yearly encounter.

She’s working on her fertility.

‘This is an age group (under 20) which has long been known to have decreased likelihood of conceiving,’ the authors wrote in a report of their study.

That’s exactly why third world countries all have high teen-pregnancy rates.

The research also showed women with a high BMI had higher rates of conception, with fertility being the highest between the ranges of 25 to 29.

The NHS says that a BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 is in a healthy weight range. Anything under or over is not considered to be healthy.

Now we know unhealthy obese women are actually healthy fertile women. We should let them know they’re actually healthy so they stop having all those obesity health problems.

With obesity being so common in America, the findings of this study could potentially turn the U.S. into the healthiest, most fertile country in the entire universe.

Men seeking mates with maximum fecundity [probability of conceiving] should prefer women in their late 20s who are likely to have higher BMIs than those in their teens‘, the authors suggested.


Women with a curvy figure are more likely to be post-pubertal but still relatively young, the two researchers said.

Dr Lassek and Dr Gaulin said: ‘Even though these younger women have reduced current fecundability and a decreased likelihood of infant survival, they have maximal long-term reproductive potential.’

M A X I M U M  P O T E N T I A L

The ideal body shape for women has changed hugely over time.

Not really. Not long ago, there was just not enough food available to the average person.

Obese creatures were rightfully treated as freaks.

Food used to be healthy, too. So you could eat more without weighing more. Now processed “food” packs a lot of calories in small, unsatisfying and highly addictive packages devoid of any real nutrition. Combine that with the fact that the mind of the average person is selectively damaged through decades of social engineering, which weakens their will and causes them to succumb to temptation, making them suffer from bad enough health issues as to make them spend money on big pharma but not enough as to prevent them from working.

Look at the sky and ask yourself “who’s responsible for that?“.