Fat Right-Wing Skank Who was Fired From Breitbart Denounces Self in Bid to Secure Diabeetus Meds

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 2, 2019

The thing you have to understand about women is that they are literally dumber than geese or any other type of bird or even fish.

They have no ability to distinguish reality from fiction, they can only interpret how they feel about certain things. Sometimes how they feel will line up with reality, but not usually.

This fat bitch was right wing and used to tweet about Moslems. Now, she’s in BuzzFeed attacking herself, bragging about how she ratted out all her friends, and warning of the dangers of not believing absolutely everything the government and media tells you.


If you remember Katie McHugh, it’s probably because of the tweets.

A short selection: “British settlers built the USA. ‘Slaves’ built the country much as cows ‘built’ McDonald’s. Amateur…”

“The only way to strike a balance between vigilance, discrimination, (& terror) is to end Muslim immigration.”

“Funny how Europeans assimilated, unlike Third Worlders demanding welfare while raping, killing Americans.”

There are many more examples, but this is the big one, the one that ultimately triggered her firing from her job as a writer and editor at Breitbart News in 2017: “There would be no deadly terror attacks in the U.K. if Muslims didn’t live there.”

Imagine Breitbart taking issue with that statement.

Imagine anyone taking issue with that statement.

It is objectively and incontrovertibly factual. Only Moslems do terrorism. (At least that was the case in 2017, after the IRA and before this reverse-terrorism movement.)

The BuzzFeed journalist, some filthy kike slut, recounts how she met this fat McHugh cunt and talked her down from being a white supremacist extremist and violent member of Richard Spencer’s terrorist cartel.

But why did she actually give up her belief in mass genocide of non-whites using noxious gas and other methods?

Seems that after losing her job at Breitbart, she couldn’t afford her diabetes medication.

After McHugh’s public dismissal, she had gone on to briefly contract for infamous troll Charles C. Johnson’s GotNews site. That didn’t work out either. A difficult relationship had left her isolated, and she was on the outs with her former friends. She was going broke and could barely afford the expenses incurred by her Type 1 diabetes. Her time in Washington had ruined her life, and not in just a bump-in-the-road kind of way. She had been to a place you couldn’t really come back from.

So she wasn’t a ride or die bitch because she was literally going to die from the disease of the fat if she kept riding hard with her gang.

I guess that’s what’s up.

You can’t trust these hoes.

These hoes ain’t loyal.

The BuzzFeed article is like 10,000 words and I didn’t really read most of it, and I dare anyone to claim they read all of it (no one did).

It ends with an apparent call for other extremists to reform their lives and disavow their genocidal agendas.

McHugh has a message for the people on a similar path, though, one that can be considered regardless of whether you believe she’s actually changed.

“People like me should be given a chance to recognize how bad this is and that the alt-right is not a replacement for any kind of liberal democracy whatsoever, any kind of system, they have no chance, and they’re just harmful,” McHugh said. “There is forgiveness, there is redemption. You have to own up to what you did and then forcefully reject this and explain to people, and tell your story, and say, ‘Get out while you can.’”

This is a gay trap.

They’re not going to forgive anyone who asks for forgiveness. They’re trying to get members of the genocide right to turncoat with this fat whore and then they’ll just laugh at them and tell them “lol sry no you still can’t have a job.”

The only reason Christian Picciolini is accepted as a “reformed racist” and allowed to make money is that he is a Pakistani immigrant who is making the whole thing up.

There is no record that he was ever in a neo-Nazi street gang. And if he was, Jews don’t care about that anyway. Neo-Nazi criminal gangs have never been something that Jews go after – the leader of the Aryan Brotherhood is a Jew with a Star of David tattoo.

Beyond that, the SPLC only needs one single “reformed Nazi” to send out on TV shows, and Picciolini has already solidly secured that position.

This fat cunt McHugh is trying to get permission to have a job by going to BuzzFeed and ratting people out and shilling – just like Baked Alaska is doing with Jared Holt.

Watch and see how that dog hunts.

She is going to die of diabetes like so many other stupid fat whores with no money for medication.

The absolute state of 28-year-old women in America.

And you wonder why so many men are calling for WHITE SHARIA?

We need to get these cows in burkas and we need to do it before I toss my cookies.