FBI Goes Hungry! Trump Stops Handing Out Paychecks to Traitors

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 12, 2019

The benefits of a government shutdown keep rolling in.

If you can’t beat the FBI, just starve them out.


Air traffic controllers have joined several other groups of federal employees suing the Trump administration over missed pay for having to work through the ongoing government shutdown. Some 13,000 FBI agents are also affected.

The National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) filed a lawsuit on Friday, accusing the White House of depriving their members “of their hard-earned compensation without the requisite due process.” Failure to pay workers who are required to show up despite the shutdown “continues to have a devastating effect on those devoted federal employees’ lives,” the NATCA lawsuit says. 


Devoted to what exactly?

The destruction of America?


Nearly 13,000 FBI employees are among those affected, the FBI Agents Association (FBIAA) said in an open letter sent on Thursday. The association urged Congress to fund the Department of Justice – and thereby the Bureau – because “financial security is a matter of national security.”

If FBI agents miss paying their bills, the association warned, their security clearances could be delayed or revoked. Lack of funding would jeopardize the FBI’s very important mission, and prevent it from attracting top talent already tempted by the private sector, the FBIAA wrote.

There’s a cherry on top here.

TSA agents are also working without pay, and increasingly calling in sick to work other jobs and make ends meet, according to reports. Facing a shortage of TSA staff, the Miami International Airport announced on Friday it would be closing one of its checkpoints over the weekend, effectively stopping all departures from Terminal G.

Yes, one of the most hated government organizations is also facing shutdown.

I can just imagine middle America out in the streets weeping for the poor TSA agents missing their paychecks.

lol I can’t read. 

Starve the beast, Mr. President.

Literally, no one gives a fuck about the FBI and the TSA.

Let these bastards suffer. What purpose do they even serve anymore except to harass your supporters?

America will love you for it.

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