FBI Lawyer Confirms Rosenstein’s Seditious Conspiracy to Oust Trump Using 25th Amendment

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 17, 2019

I just can hardly take this Russian hoaxspiracy anymore.

From the absolute beginning, the investigation into a hoax conspiracy was part of a conspiracy to oust Trump. And it was always obvious. He could have fired all of these people on the day it started, and moved on with his life. Instead, he allowed them to run a two year investigation and arrest everyone he knows on process crimes because he “has nothing to hide.”

Uncovering more details about the Jew Rosenstein conspiracy to oust him using the 25th Amendment is not even a little bit surprising to me. Of course they were doing this.

It’s also not surprising that at least two members of Trump’s cabinet were ready to betray him in this coup.

It is almost surprising that this is now 100% out in public view and nothing is happening, Rosenstein is still employed at the DOJ, no one will be charged with any crime. But it isn’t quite surprising.

Fox News:

Former top FBI lawyer James Baker, in closed-door testimony to Congress, detailed alleged discussions among senior officials at the Justice Department about invoking the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office, claiming he was told Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said two Trump Cabinet officials were “ready to support” such an effort.

The testimony was delivered last fall to the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees. Fox News has confirmed portions of the transcript. It provides additional insight into discussions that have returned to the spotlight in Washington as fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe revisits the matter during interviews promoting his forthcoming book.

Baker did not identify the two Cabinet officials. But in his testimony, the lawyer said McCabe and FBI lawyer Lisa Page came to him to relay their conversations with Rosenstein, including discussions of the 25th Amendment.

“I was being told by some combination of Andy McCabe and Lisa Page, that, in a conversation with the Deputy Attorney General, he had stated that he — this was what was related to me — that he had at least two members of the president’s Cabinet who were ready to support, I guess you would call it, an action under the 25th Amendment,” Baker told the committees.

The 25th Amendment provides a mechanism for removing a sitting president from office. One way that could happen is if a majority of the president’s Cabinet says the president is incapable of discharging his duties.

Rosenstein, who still works at Justice Department but who is expected to exit in the near future, has denied the claims since they first surfaced in the media last year.

Fox News requested further comment from the parties involved. Lawyers for Baker and McCabe declined comment, as did an FBI spokesperson.

The testimony, for which they are criminal penalties if the witness lies to congressional investigators, comes as McCabe, who was fired last year by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has discussed the alleged meetings as he promotes his forthcoming book.

On Thursday, the Justice Department issued a statement that said Rosenstein rejects McCabe’s recitation of these events “as inaccurate and factually incorrect.” It also denied that Rosenstein ever OK’d wearing a “wire” to tape Trump.

During his testimony, Baker acknowledged he was not directly involved in the May 2017 discussions but testified over a two-day period in October that McCabe and Page came to him contemporaneously after meeting with Rosenstein for input in the days after Comey was fired by the president.

As Fox News has previously reported, the eight days in May 2017 between Comey’s firing and appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller were seen as a major turning point in the Russia probe, which has also involved examining whether the president obstructed justice.

“I had the impression that the deputy attorney general had already discussed this with two members in the president’s Cabinet and that they were…onboard with this concept already,” Baker said.

Baker also said he did not know the names of the two Cabinet officials.

“Lisa and Andy did not tell me, and my impression was they didn’t know themselves,” he said.

But when the New York Times broke the story in September, it reported that Rosenstein told McCabe he might be able to persuade then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions and then-Secretary of Homeland Security and later White House chief of staff John Kelly to invoke the 25th Amendment.

On Thursday, the top Republicans on the House and Senate Judiciary Committees called for McCabe and Rosenstein to testify before their respective panels, following McCabe’s comments about these discussions. Rosenstein did not appear for Capitol Hill testimony to clarify these discussions, despite multiple requests from lawmakers, when Republicans held the majority last year.

On Friday, a spokeswoman for McCabe responded to media reports about his upcoming 60 minutes interview.

“Certain statements made by Mr. McCabe, in interviews associated with the release of his book, have been taken out of context and misrepresented,” the spokeswoman said. “To clarify, at no time did Mr. McCabe participate in any extended discussions about the use of the 25th Amendment, nor is he aware of any such discussions.”

I have no idea why McCabe is out there saying this stuff.

Probably, he is personally angry at the Jew Rosenstein, and is doing this for revenge. I can’t think of any other reason. Though obviously, he is also implicating himself in this seditious conspiracy. I guess he just thinks Trump ain’t gonna do nothing. Which is apparently true.

Lisa Page and her lover Peter Strzok were in the FBI to get the fake FISA warrant based on the fake #pissgate document. Then they were caught texting each other about a conspiracy to form a “secret society” to destroy Trump’s presidency. Those texts were sent before they were hired on the Mueller team.

Now we find out Page was leading the charge to overthrow the president using the 25th Amendment – also before she was put on the Mueller team.

How much more information do we need here?

The whole entire conspiracy is now open, in the public domain.

How is it possible that Trump is still refusing to act on this, even while his presidency is coming crashing down?