FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Cancels Speaking Appearance After Receiving Death Threats

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 5, 2018

Ajit Pai is a patriotic American Indian.

The amount of hate being directed towards the Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai is virtually unlimited.


Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai canceled his scheduled appearance at a major upcoming tech industry trade show after receiving death threats, two agency sources told Recode on Thursday.

It’s the second known incident in which Pai’s safety may have been at risk, after a bomb threat abruptly forced the chairman to halt his controversial vote to scrap the U.S. government’s net neutrality rules in December 2017.

For both Pai and the whole of the FCC, the uptick in security concerns also presents a serious challenge to their ability to discuss critical tech policy issues in public view — without jeopardizing their safety or the safety of others in attendance.

In this case, the exact nature of the threat, made in advance of Pai’s fireside chat at the 2018 International CES, isn’t clear. A spokesman for Pai at the FCC, for its part, only said Thursday: “We do not comment on security measures or concerns.”

So Pai had to cancel his speaking engagement because of death threats. This is quite the amazing thing.

People have been brainwashed to hate Pai because they have been told that he destroyed the tubes by repealing net neutrality regulations. This is of course comical. Pai simply restored things back to the way they were before 2015. That was a time when we saw far less web censorship. And have we seen the tubes shut down after the repeal? Of course we haven’t.

Yep. Still workin’.

The vast majority of today’s tube censorship comes from the big social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This idea that service providers like Comcast and Verizon would throttle traffic to censor political content without net neutrality regulations in place is a baseless theory. It’s the equivalent of thinking that UPS or FedEx would refuse shipment of a package to certain locations because they dislike the political views of the receiver. This is an elaborately confusing and unsustainable business model for any service provider.

These people sending Pai death threats are making themselves look increasingly foolish and unhinged. They are allowing themselves to be consumed with rage over the theoretical instead of the practical.

It’s becoming more and more obvious who the real haters are. Maybe their hearts wouldn’t be so filled with hate if they tried eating some Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Cups!