FDA to Drop Rules Saying Frozen Cherry Pie Should Have Cherries; Jews Have Ruined Pies

Daily Stormer
April 20, 2019

The fact that we are even buying pies, instead of eating homemade pies, represents a decline in our food quality compared to the sort of food the boomers were eating when they were looting America.

Now we must suffer the additional indignity that the pies we are buying are actually corn syrup jelly sugar citric acid pastries marketed as pies.

They took away the feminine virtue of the women who would have made us our pies, and now they want to destroy the pies themselves by removing FDA regulations that prevent the counterfeiting of pies.


President Donald Trump may soon be able to claim a sweet victory for his deregulation push, with officials preparing to get rid of the decades-old rules for frozen cherry pies.

Emails show the Food and Drug Administration planned to start the process for revoking the standard for frozen cherry pies this week, followed by a similar revocation of the standard for French dressing. Plans to get rid of the obscure rules had been tucked into the Trump administration’s deregulation agenda .

Standards for an array of foods including cottage cheese and canned peas were put in place decades ago partly to ensure a level of quality. They spell out how products with specific names can be made, including ingredients that are required or not allowed. The rules for frozen cherry pies say they must be 25% cherries by weight with no more than 15% of the cherries being blemished.

It’s not always clear why some food terms have standards and others don’t. The rules are seen as arcane by many and are a sore spot in the food industry, with companies saying they prevent innovation or prompt lawsuits. The FDA under Trump has said it plans to update the standards.

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, who stepped down this month, said in an October tweet that it was among the FDA’s priorities to “de-regulate frozen cherry pie.” He apparently wasn’t entirely joking.

He was definitely not joking.

The southern border is being overrun and the only thing that the potato president has time to do is fill his cabinet with Goldman Sachs people, throw money at all his friends on Wall Street, and revoke regulations that were prohibiting the capitalist elite from adulterating our pies.

Somewhere, not a single goy is saying to himself “well, America has been destroyed, but at least the government never required the corporate elite to not adulterate our pies.”

Attacking something as characteristically American as pies by allowing goyfeed corn syrup jelly pastries to be labeled as pies is tantamount to having an arena where every day at midnight, Jerusalem time, chained bald eagles are live-streamed on white house dot gov site as they are raped to death by boars and then to have Jared Kushner sitting in a big ass chair, watching the spectacle, in a coliseum filled with cheering, sweating, wrathfully animated Sudanese Uruk-hai and stroking his circumcised penis on C-Span as the bald eagles are raped to death.

And you would sit there, and watch it happen on C-Span, and do nothing. Just like how French Catholics cannot even muster a political voting reaction to the probable jihadist arson of their central historical monuments because they cannot manage to even identify what is happening.

Americans will go about their business and be unaware of this evil Jew-spirited plot to denature the meaning of words themselves and allow jelly pastries to be sold as cherry pie.

They will not understand why they are fat and malnourished at the same time.

They will conform themselves to eating their jelly pastries, just as they will conform themselves to the eventual gay indoctrination and hormonal manipulation of their own sons, if they make it far enough to have ever have one.

Truly, the revolutionary spirit which began this country has long since departed its people.

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