FDA Trying to Prevent Gen Z from Joining VAPE Nationalism

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 16, 2018

Gen Z is woke af on the vape question.

After the Daily Stormer officially made vaping the man of the year for 2017, the Jews started realizing how much of a danger e-cigs posed to their plans.

Due to our influence, the Trump administration had already started implementing the tenets of vape nationalism into its agenda, proposing to make America the very first VAPE NATION.

But as the youth are converting en-masse to this new form of political activism, the Jews have successfully pressured the FDA to take action in order to enact their Jewish anti-White agenda.

Never forget that.


The Food and Drug Administration announced a set of major new enforcement actions Wednesday aimed at reducing the sales and marketing of electronic cigarettes to teenagers.

Saying vaping among teenagers has reached “an epidemic proportion,” the agency said it was taking a “series of critical and historic” measures to curb the alarming trends.

“We must do more to stem what I see as an epidemic of use of e-cigs among teens, and deeply disturbing trends that show no sign of abating,” FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said. “The FDA won’t tolerate a whole generation of young people becoming addicted to nicotine.”

Of course.

The Jews would much rather kids get addicted to opioids and weed.

Sign #1: he’s not vaping.

Nicotine is a stimulant that improves concentration and creativity, while having almost no negative health effect.

The Jews wouldn’t want the goyim stimulated. We need to be tranquilized from elementary school to the grave.

The agency issued more than 1,300 warning letters and fines to convenience stores, gas stations and other stores over the summer for selling e-cigarettes to minors, Gottlieb says. The FDA says it’s the agency’s largest such action in history.

The agency is also giving companies that make the most popular e-cigarettes among teenagers — JUUL, Vuse, Blu, MarkTen XL and Logic — 60 days to prove they can keep the devices away from minors. If the don’t, the FDA said it may pull the devices containing flavors that appeal to children from the market.

A true disciple of vapology.

“Industry must step up to this challenge,” Gottlieb says. “They say they’ve changed from the days of Joe Camel. But look at what’s happening right now, on our watch and on their watch. They must demonstrate that they’re truly committed to keeping these new products out of the hands of kids and they must find a way to reverse this trend.

Nicotine is not any more dangerous than caffeine. Are they going after Starbucks for offering sweet, chocolate flavored coffee?

Of course not.

What they fear is the power of vape nationalism.

How do the Japs keep their nation Japanese? Could the vaping have anything to do with it? Hmmm…

The so-called “epidemic” of vaping among teenagers is merely an expression of gen z’s conservative values and patriotic spirit.

This is why the Jews need to squash this.

Don’t fall for it, and vape on, brothers.