Fearful White Woman Stabs Black Boyfriend to Death in Self-Defense

NY Daily News
July 28, 2014

Helen Louis Wells was physically sick as she confessed to killing the Black brute, as the Police were examining his body.

An accused stabber vomited as cops examined the body of her dead boyfriend at their South Carolina mobile home, police say.

Helen Louis Wells, 20, wailed over his body and quickly confessed to stabbing Mallory Jerrell Richardson, 21, with a knife during a fight over her female friend, according to the State newspaper.

Wells, a waitress at a Huddle House diner, was arrested Saturday morning and is charged with murder for Richardson’s death.

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They had fights before, but this time she was fearful for her life.

The couple had physical fights before, but this time she was afraid, Wells told Sumter County Sheriff’s Office deputies who found his body blocking the front door of their home near Shaw Air Force Base.

He had a deep puncture wound next to his heart.

Deputies found a knife allegedly used to stab Richardson outside in the front yard where Wells threw it, the newspaper reported.

She stabbed Mallory Jerrell Richardson right in the chest, close to the heart.