Federal Court Conspires to Redraw North Carolina Districts Map to Favor Democrats

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 28, 2018

Evil judges are America’s worst enemy.

Once again we have the kritarchy imposing their sick views on America through their unelected bureaucratic powers.

This time, they’re trying to deliver North Carolina to the Democrats by forcing the Republicans in power to redraw district boundaries in order to give the nigger’s votes more weight.

Is there no bound to their diabolical scheming?


A federal court ruled on Monday that North Carolina Republicans illegally drew up U.S. congressional districts in the state to benefit their party, suggesting that new lines be crafted before November’s election.

District boundaries have to be drawn up somewhere. And no matter where they’re drawn, it’ll benefit one party or another.

If you put all the niggers, who vote Democrat almost to the man, in the same district, then their votes won’t have the power to sway White areas in favor of the Democratic party.

Our demographics experts have drawn up this highly scientific infographic to explain this in simple terms.

This is not rocket science.

Of course, the democrats want to cut up Black neighborhoods into a bunch of little pieces and distribute them to White neighborhoods as part of their districts. This ensures their victory.

That’s the real gerrymandering.

Why should these people have any influence on the outcome of elections in White areas?

The three-judge panel for the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina said in a 321-page opinion that Republican legislators responsible for the map conducted unconstitutional partisan gerrymandering to dilute the impact of Democratic votes.

“That is precisely what the Republican-controlled North Carolina General Assembly sought to do here,” the opinion said.

The panel gave parties until Thursday to file their recommendations to fix the problem.

The decision could have national implications in this November’s battle for control of Congress. Democrats need to pick up 23 seats to gain a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives that could thwart Republican President Donald Trump’s legislative agenda.

Among the suggestions from the judges were holding state nominating primaries in November with new district lines that remove illegal partisan bias and then holding a general election before the new U.S. Congress is seated in January 2019.

The North Carolina dispute centered on a congressional redistricting plan adopted by the Republican-led legislature in 2016 after a court found that Republican lawmakers improperly used race as a factor when redrawing certain U.S. House districts after the 2010 census.

Yes, brown people vote democrat. That much is obvious.

But they also cluster around each other, forming ghettos into the same naturally forming neighborhoods.

The Democrat agenda to ship Blacks into White neighborhoods was their gerrymandering tactic to make the brown vote relevant.

But that failed – whenever Blacks are shipped into a White neighborhood, the area experiences “White flight” and the map just rearranges itself.

Detroit population. Forgive the shitty infographic, this wasn’t done by our resident expert, unlike the previous one.

So instead, they now have to draw district lines across neighborhoods in absurd ways in order to achieve the same effect.

The Federal Courts are protesting that this wasn’t done to their liking.

The Republican lawmaker in charge of the plan said it was crafted to maintain Republican dominance because “electing Republicans is better than electing Democrats.”

Party officials were not immediately available for comment on the court’s decision.

North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin said the decision “is a monumental and necessary line in the sand stating that politicians cannot choose their voters by silencing other voters.”

Republicans in 2016 won 10 of the 13 House districts – 77 percent of them – despite getting just 53 percent of the statewide vote, nearly the same result as in 2014.

So these lines have been drawn for years.

Yet just now, in the age of Donald Trump, do the judges feel like they’re “gerrymandering.”

This is clearly a case of the judiciary branch meddling in our elections.