Female Doctor Who is Universally Hated – Except by Critics

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 30, 2018

The film review site Rotten Tomatoes, which registers both critic and audience response to film and television productions, has given us an easy way to observe the phenomenon of vast disparities between reviewer and viewer perception of certain entertainment media.

With objectively good films and shows, the critics and audience generally agree.

And sometimes, the disparity between the two makes sense logically. Sometimes it is possible that there are artistically and technically well-done films that connoisseurs appreciate, but which do not appeal to normal people.

There are also examples of goofy, stupid movies, which no critic could give a good rating to because they are objectively terrible, but which general audiences find fun.

Venom is a recent example of this.

I watched Venom and have a clear understanding of how this happened. It was objectively a horrible movie, in every sense, but it was impossible not to enjoy it, if only due to being fascinated by how bizarre it is. The film was actually produced in part by Tencent, and it comes across like a Chinese movie with white actors, something I am fond of in John Woo’s American films.

However, by far the greatest disparities are among politically-charged “let’s teach the goyim a lesson” type productions, where the critics will praise a production purely on its political content. Probably this is partially because many of them are Jewish, or fixated on the Jewish ideology, but I also imagine that many of them are simply afraid to voice their actual opinion, lest they be socially castigated or even fired.

Thus far, I’m not aware of a single critic-audience rating gap larger than that of the newest season of the BBC’s science fiction series Doctor Who, in which the Doctor has inexplicably transformed into a woman.

This is a situation where people were forced to accept something that no one was asking for.

For those unfamiliar with the show, it has been running on and off since 1963. As no actor could play a character that long, they invented a plot device where the Doctor dies and is then transformed into… a new actor. After 12 men had played the character, the British decided that this sexism had gone on long enough, and just decided that all of the sudden he was going to go tranny. Or whatever you would call this.

There was extreme fan backlash as soon as the idea was even suggested, but they went ahead with it anyway, because “the goyim must pay.”

As was to be expected, the show’s ratings plunged 40% during the course of the season.

I haven’t watched the show, but reportedly this is not only due to the female Doctor, but the fact that the female Doctor is being used to lecture viewers on politically correct topics, including racism and… male pregnancy.

Former fans are also bothered by the fact that the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver (a magic-wand type device with a vague science fiction explanation) has gone from looking like one of these:

To looking like this:

As if I have to say it, this woman’s wand looks very much like a vibrator (female masturbation device), something which it is very difficult to believe was accidental.

A Hard Audience to Put-Off

Where it is understandable that video game fans became enraged when Jewish-owned AAA gaming companies began shoving political correctness down their throats, Doctor Who has pretty much always been an extremely politically correct show. Certainly since it’s 2005 relaunch it has been, and arguably even the older shows had a lot of political messaging.

As a kid, I enjoyed some of the shows from the 70s and 80s, as they had complex themes and plots which could be thought-provoking. I could not tolerate any of the new show, at all. Not simply because of the political content, but because it had been so dumbed down.

Abhorrent goyfeed.

It was a racial cuckfest, which themes straight out of a UNESCO training manual, and the idea that you could piss-off an audience that enjoyed that show by going too PC is extreme, and indicates that we are officially past peak-POZ.

There is now backlash everywhere, and once a backlash starts, you cannot solve it by continuing on the same course. That having been said, Jews simply do not have the ability to back down from anything. So this whole thing is going to eventually blow up.