Feminism has Spread to the Sudan

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 26, 2018

Honestly, I do not give a fuck about this bitch or her weird shit.

Why would anyone?

These people have been doing this for hundreds of thousands of years.

Why is it UNICEF’s business to fix Sudanese gender relations?

Who appointed them the moral authority of all life in the universe?

At what point do they start attempting to regulate the sexual behavior of animals?


Amal is 11 years old and seeking a divorce.

The young Sudanese girl was in elementary school when a 38-year-old man asked for her hand in marriage.

Her father accepted the proposal, and Amal (not her real name) was immediately wed.

In Sudan, child marriage has been woven into the fabric of the country’s culture, driven by tradition and poverty. More than a third of girls there are married before their 18th birthday, according to a 2017 UNICEF report, and 12% are wed before they reach 15. Under the country’s 1991 Personal Status Law of Muslims, children can marry when they reach “maturity,” which is only 10 years old. It’s the lowest legal age of marriage in Africa.

I thought the entire concept of modern Jewish liberalism was that all cultures are equal and brown people do a bunch of weird, gross, fucked-up shit and we should accept it?

But it’s also our job to force 21st century Western sexual norms on stone age African tribespeople?

How can those two things simultaneously be true statements?

If we’re doing cultural reconstruction on the fucking Sudan, then why not simply go in and burn all their religious books and temples and so on, force them to convert to secular humanism?

What the hell kind of a thing is “we want you to keep your uniquely vibrant culture, we just want to alter your traditions and value system”?