Feminist Dog-Molester Fakes PhD to Fight Against Dog Rape Culture

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
August 8, 2018

The feminist dog abuser lied about having a PhD. Can you blame her, though? It was real in her mind.

Campus Reform:

The publishers and editors of the viral academic article on “rape culture” in Portland dog parks now say they have concerns about the author’s credibility following a Campus Reform investigation.

Now they have concerns about the author’s credibility? Did they even read the “academic” article before publishing it?

In her article, Wilson claims she spent nearly 1,000 hours of “public observations of dogs and their human companions” at three dog parks around Portland, claiming that during her sojourns, there was “one dog rape/humping incident every 60 minutes.”

“Dog parks are microcosms where hegemonic masculinist norms governing queering behaviour and compulsory heterosexuality can be observed in a cross-species environment,” Wilson concludes.

Due to this, Wilson worries that dog parks remain “oppressive spaces that lock both humans and animals into hegemonic patterns of gender conformity” and that they “magnify toxic themes…intrinsic to the gender binary.”

Helen Wilson had claimed to hold a PhD in Feminist Studies and work with an organization called the Portland Ungendering Research Initiative, but both credentials appear to have been fabricated.

What do they mean fabricated?

This is her identity we’re talking about here. She’s free to define herself as whatever she wishes, and everyone else has to just accept it, okay? If she identifies herself as a eco-friendly PhD container you’ll have to take her word for it.

Helen Wilson and her PhD.

That’s just how it works nowadays.

There are men claiming to be women, women claiming to be men, and everyone goes along with it just fine. Why do they take issue with a boring PhD?

This is a woman, okay?

They’re just a bunch of credentiophobic bigots.

The editors now say they suspect that Wilson may have violated their Publishing Agreement clause because she has not responded to their request that she verify her identity.

How about they do the verifying identity thing before actually publishing stuff? Anyone can claim to be whoever and whatever, so making sure they are who they claim they are before publishing their submissions sounds like a reasonable thing to do.

Especially when the submission subject is dog rape culture.

And previously, journal editors suggested that authors are expected to abide by an implicit honor code.

Implicit? Yeah that’s not working at all. But rules are oppressive, I guess.

Wilson also claimed to be the lead researcher at the Portland Ungendering Research (PUR) Initiative, but upon further inspection, it appears that the website for the initiative was only published four days after Wilson submitted her article. Since then, it has only ever existed with a disclaimer that it was being “taken down,” and is now completely defunct.

The what now?


PUR? As in cat’s purr?

Speaking through a spokesperson, the journal’s editors confirmed that Helen Wilson does “exist,” but said they had no record of which institution Wilson earned her PhD from. Similarly, they could not speak to the existence of the PUR Initiative.

Spokesperson? What if it identififes as a spokesobject?

Spokesmatter would be more inclusive and less offensive. Shame on them.

For her part, Wilson—whose email address returns an auto-reply indicating that she is not responding to messages “due to intense harassment”—would only tell Campus Reform that “I don’t want anyone to know who I am.”

By intense harassment she means the publisher’s questions regarding her identity and credentials, of course.

You know what would make this whole situation better? The author being a troll mocking the idiocy of feminism. It would explain the sheer stupidity of her “research” and why she doesn’t want anyone to know who she is. Who he is. Because wormmen don’t have a sense of humor.

Either way, the point proven is the same.

Feminism and ridicule are one and the same.