Fervent Anti-Nazi Alex Jones Getting Shut Down for Nazism

Daily Stormer
July 27, 2016

As the year of the great shut down rolls along, the screws are being tightened. We had predicted earlier that eventually even Infowars would start getting their stuff shut down, in spite of their pathetic anti-Nazi rhetoric.

Well, now it happened.

This appears to be a retaliation over the famous (and hilarious) “The young Turks” video, which showed crazed roach Cenk viciously attacking Alex Jones in retaliation for being mildly mocked. But of course, the true underlying reason is that Jones is now attacking Blacks and Moslems non-stop, and is thus understood to be an undercover Nazi.

This should send a clear signal to all the people making right-wing content on the internet. Right now, a lot of these people make a point to avoid appearing overtly “racist” and also avoid being explicitly Nazi, in order to avoid being shut down by Youtube et al.

This used to work.

But no longer.

hitler disguises

No matter how good your disguise is, Jews will always detect your inner Hitler.

If you’re going to get shut down either way, why moderate the message? Why lie to the audience? The enemy took off their gloves. It’s time for these moderate conservatives and conspiracy theorists to take off theirs as well, lest they fall into insignificance.

This is a new era, guys. Going full-shitlord will only feel refreshing to the people that matter. Many of these conservative outlets are now less hardcore than the Republican Presidential nominee. And on top of that, the new reality is that Hajis are killing us non-stop and the left is encouraging the Blacks to riot and burn.

Our people are thirsty for something more robust than “Democrats are the real racists” and “lower taxes would benefit African-Americans as well.”

The time for platitudes and euphemisms is over.

Any position short of hardcore Communism is liable for shutdown anyway.

If Alex Jones is getting shut down, then you lot need to just go all out.


I like taking corny motivational posters and making them about Nazism.