Final Showdown: Mike and Scott vs. John Friend

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 2, 2013

It seems to me it is definitely possible to fly planes into buildings.
It seems to me it is definitely possible to fly planes into buildings.

Though I fell asleep and didn’t get a chance to call in, I listened to the Mike Delaney and Scott Roberts versus John Friend debate about whether or not planes hit the towers on 911.

I have some comments.

It was an intense show.  It is up to all of you to draw conclusions about what took place, but I will agree with what is the majority view: John Friend got his ass handed to him.

Both Scott and Mike were as lucid as I have ever heard either of them be, and John really didn’t seem to have any response to any of the points being brought up, other than to keep citing Simon Shack as some type of unquestionable authority and act as though the only reason anyone would question him is out of ignorance, or an incapacity to understand simple concepts.

Mike demanded the debate after John’s recent interview with Simon Shack, creator of the September Clues documentary, which puts forward the idea that not only did no planes hit the towers, no one actually died on 911, and the whole thing was staged like a Hollywood movie.  He says they shut down all of Manhattan, and everyone present was an actor.

Simon Shack: Jew or not Jew?
Simon Shack: Jew or not Jew?  You decide!  (He definitely looks like a Jew to me.)

I have never gone into any of this stuff, as I find it boring and pointless.  I think the documentary is obviously retarded, anyone with any basic sense should be able to watch it and observe this, but even if it were true, the bottom line is that it doesn’t matter.  Trying to tell people about something like this – even if it were true – makes a person look insane.

We understand that the Jews were responsible for 911.  As Mike says repeatedly, there is no need to obsess over details.  It was 12 years ago, and we have much more pressing issues to deal with, such as figuring out a way to get control of the state.

Simon Shack also claims that nuclear weapons do not exist.  He even goes so far as to say that there are no satellites in the sky – this too is a part of an elaborate system of hoaxes which is much more complicated than reality ever could be.

Perhaps the best part of the show is when Tom in Connecticut, who was supposed to be John’s partner, comes on halfway through and decides to agree with Scott and Mike that there just isn’t any reason to talk about this stuff, and that Simon Shack is either insane or a shill, as evidenced by his list of insane assertions which is longer than my arm.

I will say here that I do not agree with Scott’s idea that we should talk about everything and let the people decide.  If we want to have complicated discussions, we can do so in private, as a hobby.  The message we present to the masses must be simple and easily digestible.  Scott mentioned that he is now reading Mein Kampf, and I would hope that he will pay particular attention to the chapter on Propaganda.  We have spent enough time trying to figure out what is going on in the world, and now is the time to streamline and reduce the message, to say things in a clear and simple manner, so that as many people as possible can understand it and come to our side.

After leaving the show in anger, John went on to write this piece about the debate, and according to Scott, posted it before the debate was even over.

John Friend is a Friend of Mine

I have said, repeatedly, that anything we as a movement spend time on needs to fit a clear agenda – the agenda being working toward gaining political power and repairing our broken society.  Talking about fakery is hobbyism, and does nothing to work toward any agenda at all.

I consider John a good friend.  But this simply has to stop.  It is just all so weird and sick, and we have very real issues to be dealing with.

This all ties into the YouTube presentations of the gross Jew 108morris108, who comes from the same position that everything is somehow fake, and nothing actually happens.

The Jew 108morris108
The Jew 108morris108

John has supported the Jew 108morris, who says that the Woolwich beheading was faked to make it look like Muslim immigrants are violent, and cause people in White nations to turn against the immigrants.  He also claims that no one died at Sandy Hook.

In all honesty, it sickens me that I am even typing this right now.  We are being genocided.  Our birthrate is almost nonexistent, and the third-world invasion just keeps intensifying, we will soon be a minority in our own countries.  Morality has eroded to the point where it is now referred to as immoral to oppose homosexuality.  Religion has collapsed.  The Jews are dancing around calling for an end to free speech, everyone is poor, the youth are using drugs on an unimaginable scale, and there is an overwhelming feeling across the board that there simply is no future.

And the most important thing John can think to do is engage in delusional fantasies about how everything is fake?

It just makes me sad.

Here’s the show.


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