Finally, A Funny Political Comic About President Donald J. Trump

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 26, 2018

I don’t even know if this is intended to be anti-Trump or just neutral, but there is some old-timey fun there.

I have seen Tom Stiglich cartoons before, and he seems to be very old and probably more neutral. Check out his website, it’s like Angelfire-tier.

The Wall was a great album.

I wish that Roger Waters would figure out that he is actually supporting almost all of the positions of the Jews he hates so much, and do a redux of the album about Jews trying to stop Donald Trump from building a wall.

I can’t write song parodies.

I have “all in all you’re just another spic on the wall.”

But then I get nowhere from there.

Left-wing anti-Israel sentiment is confusing. At least for intelligent white people to indulge in it is confusing.

Look, this Jew is also confused:

They’re thinking the same thing I’m thinking: how can you hate the Jews and also be “anti-fascist.”

I guess this just goes to show how disgusting the Jews are: even people who support most explicitly Jewish policies want to exterminate them.

Furthermore, Roger Waters is a tortured creative genius, and sometimes they take strange positions. The funniest thing is that he used to get in fights with his own audience members for having too much fun (he basically thought they should be acting like an old-timey opera audience).

People who have never watched the movie version of “The Wall” should do so (with subtitles on). It’s a fun time, even if it is some kind of vague anti-authoritarian statement.

It’s also about the former band leader Syd Barret going insane on LSD and moving back to his mother’s house after having been a famous rock star.

Although I denounce guitar music in general, I have enjoyed Pink Floyd since I was a teenager, in all of its various manifestations.

Roger Waters’ solo stuff has not been too interesting, and I wish he would focus on smuggling weapons to Hamas.