FINALLY: Flying Cars are Going to be a Thing Now

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 13, 2018


I haven’t been excited by a tech innovation in years. Decades probably. Right about the time that Sharper Image started focusing on massage chairs and smartphone accessories.

That’s when everything started going to shit. That’s when NiggerTech became the standard everywhere. We only cared about how many gigabytes of porn you could download on your phone.

But not anymore.


A flying car that will not require a pilot’s licence to operate has been unveiled in California.

BlackFly can travel for up to 25 miles (40km) at a speed of 62mph.

Its makers say it will eventually cost the same as a typical sports-utility car, but early models will be more expensive.

It was revealed on Thursday the company is funded by Google co-founder Larry Page.

Mr Page is also behind Kitty Hawk, a separate US start-up currently testing its personal aircraft in Las Vegas.

The thing is, if we’re going to be spiraling out of control into a cyberpunk dystopia, I want some of the high-tech associated with that dystopia as well.

Cyberpunk is characterized by high-tech, low-life. 

But we’ve been getting nigger-tech AND low-life. 

That’s literally the worst combination.

Several other rival flying cars are in development across the globe.

BlackFly’s creator is the Palo Alto-based firm Opener. The car has been tested in Canada, where the country’s aviation authority has authorised its use.

Like Kitty Hawk, BlackFly could perhaps be more accurately described as a human-carrying drone. It is not designed to be driven on roads.

The vehicle carries one person in a small cockpit, powered by “eight propulsion systems, spread across two wings”.

So we’ve got the multi-culti Los Angeles. We’ve got the incel apocalypse. All we really need are flying cars…and Replicants to make the Blade Runner universe come to life.

Opener’s chief executive Marcus Leng said the on-board controls offered “instant gratification”.

“You have total command of three-dimensional space,” he told CBS News correspondent John Blackstone.

“When you press the thumb-stick to climb, you have absolute full control. When you stop in the middle of the air and go off the joystick, the aircraft freezes.

“And when I say freezes… it literally freezes in the air.”

BlackFly can also fly autonomously, Mr Leng said.

‘Will they crash? Probably’

Opener joins a long list of companies chasing the ultimate science fiction dream of a flying car, and thanks to rapid improvements in drone capabilities, that future seems closer than ever.

Yes, God, please.

This is the only thing that will make the future hellscape bearable – being able to fly above it all.