FINALLY: Media Admits Swedes Being Flooded by Hordes of Rat Invaders

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 22, 2018


This is the kind of language we need to here.

These aren’t people, these are vermin.

But don’t take my word for it, look what RT had to say.


A Swedish city is battling a merciless enemy, rats ‘the size of cats’, prompting authorities to call on residents to keep doors and windows closed and pre-schoolchildren inside during breaks.

Yes, those Somalis sure love to attack children and rape them. This is known and now confirmed to be happening in Sweden now as well. Very sad to see that this is spreading.

“There aren’t the normal rats you see in the forest. They’re as big as cats,” Benny Sagmo from the planning office of Sundsvall city in northern Sweden, explained to the national TT news agency.

Odd way of describing the situation I must admit. I guess they’re trying to say that brown people don’t like to live close to nature, because of their orc-like nature.

The rats have already spread out towards a residential area, according to Sagmo. “If we don’t put a stop to it, they can get bigger and bigger…Those who live there can’t even have their front doors or balcony doors open. I’ve told pest control that we’re going all in!” he added.

Yes, the menace is indeed spreading. Communities that could keep their doors open once, now have to lock them and take precautions to make sure no invaders can get it.

Residents were told to keep doors and windows closed to prevent rats from getting access to food. They were also told to avoid having food for pets outdoors.

Moslems eating cat food? Well…can you get high off of it or something? Is it like khat? I think RT misunderstood something here.

These invaders are eating Khat food, not cat food. 

A simple mistake if one is not personally acquainted with brown people culture.

I hope that RT issues a correction in the coming days.

Although who knows, maybe these people are stealing cat food as well, you never know with brown people tbh.